Los Moralicos trip to Laujar de Andarax

The Los Moralicos residents association (Los Moralicos being a semi abandoned hamlet up in the mountains above Turre, the residents association being the owners of the ruins -mainly Spanish- who have clubbed together to restore this ancient village) is organising, together with Turre town hall, a bus trip to Laujar de Andarax, this Saturday. Interested people should call Pedro on 670379090 or visit their webpage at http://losmoralicos.blogspot.com/. €25 donation p.p. to pay for the bus, Continue reading Los Moralicos trip to Laujar de Andarax

Another flippin golf course opens

That fetid corrupted mass of quickly bunged up, overpriced concrete blocks called Playa Macenas is proudly announcing that it is opening it’s golf course and sports club (the 9th golf course in this area, BTW) on Saturday. And closing it in the winter, when the long overdue Gota Fria washes it all out to sea, no doubt. They are also trumpeting on about the first few fools who have brought there, they recently received the Continue reading Another flippin golf course opens