Parador Properties

It appears that Parador Properties has gone into voluntary administration. Press release from Quay West Communications (PR firm): Parador Properties, which was once considered to be one of Europe’s top estate agents, has gone into voluntary administration. The company had operations in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK, though most of the homes it sells are located in Spain. The company took a client-centered approach to property sales by flying Continue reading Parador Properties

Come on in, the waters foamy

Sanidad continues to insist that the water along the coast in “lovely”, despite recent alarms raised over a strange foam that has been spotted being washed up. After tests, Sanidad stated that this was a natural result of the washing of the new sand that has been dredged up along the coasts. Sanidad claims to carry out water quality tests every 15 days from each public beach in Almeria and says that so far this Continue reading Come on in, the waters foamy