Almeria airport market move to El Alquián football field

The Sunday market next to the airport – which has been going, albeit illegally, for over 25 years – is finally being moved to the football field in El Alquián as from next week. The market has blossomed in recent years, with over 300 stalls, all, apparantly, “illegal” in as much as nobody ever paid for a pitch.

The new market, regulated of course, has been reduced to about 160 stalls. Parking is provided and police will patrol. All stalls will be regulated (half being 6*2m and the rest 8*2m). 31 stalls are reserved for foodstuffs (mainly fruit and veg), the rest for “various” such as textile, shoes or gifts.

Yet another famous part of Almeria trodden under the jackboot of the Junta. I have fond memories of this market, it had many enjoyable little stalls and you never knew what you were going to find. Plus, of course, the famous trip back when the younger bros pet hamster he had just purchased escaped in the car. Fun!

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