Painting exhibition in Turre

The local I.U. hq in Turre is showcasing a sample of local artists works until Sunday, in association with GALLARTE and PINTURAMA. Ranging from knitted dolls to handmade silverware to a vast array of paintings (ranging from not very good to oh all right then it wouldn’t look too bad in the spare room*) it’s well worth a potter if you are around. The silverware is made by “Blue Tina” and is all homemade and Continue reading Painting exhibition in Turre

“Walt Disney born in Mojacar” – film to be made

Javier Ercilla from Pequeño Produce Films has announced a project to make a film about the birth and life of Walt Disney. He assures us that he has “secret” information linking Walt to Mojacar, and will be filming quite a bit here, together with other scenes set in Valencia, Barcelona, Chicago & New York. At the end of the article is a bit about how he intends to approach local town halls and foundations for Continue reading “Walt Disney born in Mojacar” – film to be made

I don’t have a magic wand, says mayor of Almeria

The mayor of Almería was refreshingly honest and open about the crisis in El Toyo . “I have sent several urgent communications to Costas [the coastal authorities who the mayor claims are in charge of looking after the beaches in the area] and they have not yet replied to me” he said. “As regards the rest of it” [unbuilt commercial centres, lack of infrastructure, half built roads and plazas, etc etc etc] “we have no Continue reading I don’t have a magic wand, says mayor of Almeria