Espana, Espana, que viva Espana!!

Studying Spain from afar, it seems as if the whole country has ground to a halt to watch the “futbol”. No doubt the failed lorry strikers are watching jealously. Nobody I’ve spoken to seems to be expecting to go into work on Monday and it seems to be an unofficial fiesta. Even the local pages on the ElPais website are half empty, nobody bothering to write anything up no doubt. Win or lose, the bars will be busy tonight!

Gador town hall has spent a “large” amount of money on building a massive tv screen in the main square, so head down if you’re in the area.

In other news, Don Chaves (President of Andalucia for longer then some african dictators) seems to have let the power go to his head, declaring as he retook the presidency of the PSOE (Andalucia) party that “he will be President until the party allows me to leave or the public rejects me”. Or as ElPais put it, Chaves is the PSOE and the PSOE is Chaves. “If you win in 2012, will you continue and continue?” asked a reporter, to which Chaves replied with maniacal laughter. (no, really). El Pais. Have we learnt nothing from Zimbabwe?

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