Back in the UKSR

Currently I’m back in the UK(Soviet Republic of). I’ve already contravened regulations by throwing bread to the ducks (littering under the council by laws), broken laws by emptying the household rubbish into our black bin (we have fortnightly rubbish collections, no doubt the city council is exercising their democratic rights under RIP to spy on me with CCTV and undercover detectives) and now this>

A fruit and veg wholesaler faces throwing away an entire consignment of Chilean kiwis because inspectors said they were too small.

Tim Down, from Bristol, said he could not even give away the 520 fruit, each of which is about the size of a small hen’s egg and weighs about 60g.{..} “They are perfectly fit to eat. These regulations come at a time when rising food prices are highlighted and we’re being forced to throw away perfectly good food. “There is nothing wrong with its palatability, it’s purely because it is slightly less than the prescribed minimum size.” He said he was not even permitted by law to give away the 31 10-kilo boxes of kiwis to a school or hostel and faced a fine of several thousand pounds if he did.

What? Why are you complaining? Chances are YOU voted for Labour. Sooner Brown throws in the towel and lets the Tories run the place the better. Chuck out the Quangos, fire the red tape merchants and just let people get on with life. Plus, it’s raining, windy and cold.

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