Ecohéroes change us to change the world

Eco Heroes

Passionate as I am about climate change, I can’t help feeling the latest Junta de Andalucía PR campaign against CO2 emissions may be rather OTT.

Consisting of the “Ecohéroes”, or the Eco Hero family, all dressed in green – Muscular Daddy, yummy Mummy, a rather “Chulo” looking teenager and a smug grandmother, complete with stick and a perm.

 They link to a web that allows you to create your own “Eco Hero” and compete against other likewise bored people, calculate your CO2 emissions and handy ways to cut down on your emissions. Also downloads and comics. And a ringtone. No doubt we shall soon see some TV appearences. At least they didn’t enter them into Eurovision.

It’s “cool” in a sort of stuffy, civil servant style. Only kids interested in this are the ones that were already.

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