Alternate histories of the Indalo Man

While browsing a shop in Mojacar, I came across this alternate version of history of the Indalo, posted in the middle of a table full of the little buggers:

“The True and Secret History of the Ind-Alo:
The Ind-Alo, as is clearly shown by it’s name, is an Indian tantric symbol of good luck and love that was brought to Almeria by Gitanos in their migration to the West”

How low will some people stoop in their attempt to sell? Yes, it’s possible that the Gitanos originally came the Pakistani area, but all written evidence show that they didn’t reach Spain until the middle of the 15th century and not Andalucia until the middle of the 16th. And since the Gitanos (Or Roms as they’re also known) have no written history and no known scribal histories it difficult to see why they would bring this symbol with them only to drop it once here.

Any other wacky theories you know of about where the symbol comes from? I’d love to hear them, leave a comment!

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  1. Scot in a high wind??????? 🙂 Love it! That’s my new favourite theory, without a doubt!

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