Alternate histories of the Indalo Man

While browsing a shop in Mojacar, I came across this alternate version of history of the Indalo, posted in the middle of a table full of the little buggers: “The True and Secret History of the Ind-Alo: The Ind-Alo, as is clearly shown by it’s name, is an Indian tantric symbol of good luck and love that was brought to Almeria by Gitanos in their migration to the West” How low will some people stoop Continue reading Alternate histories of the Indalo Man

Translation of webpages into English

A number of people have been complaining that I bring up interesting subjects that appear in the press, only to lose interest and redirect them to the Spanish news sources. Well, I can’t be bothered to translate everything. Anyhow….. if you want to automatically translate pages into English, download the Google or Yahoo! toolbars which will add a “translate” button to your browser. This translates the page, in a more or less readable form. If Continue reading Translation of webpages into English

Peace returns to the forest

Well, the strike appears to be over, although a few isolated unions still refuse to return to work the unusually forceful approach taken by the Spanish government seems to have broken the back of the strikers. Petrol & diesel has reappeared in almost all the petrol stations, shops are restocking and the press has returned to it’s usual round of stories like “youngster destroys a bar in Zaragoza with a chain saw – reason unknown”. Continue reading Peace returns to the forest