Police charge protestors in Almeria

These are the injuries sustained by a farmer after police charged a demonstration held this afternoon in front of the tax offices in Almeria. There were almost 20 civilians injured, plus some 13 police officers, although the worst injury reported was a severe cut to the upper arm of a woman.

Farmers, deliverymen, drivers and other strikers went to a rally this morning called by COAG and ASAJA, bringing with them a large number of boxes of fruit and veg, which they left in front of the tax office “in a symbolic lieu of taxes”. However, when police ordered the crowd to calm down, they were pelted by fruit. According to eye witnesses, they “ran” into the offices and barricaded the doors until reinforcements arrived, upon which they proceeded to charge and disperse the crowd.

The civil governor of Almeria, Miguel Corpas, has promised to talk again to the Ministry of the Environment to ask again for a rebate on taxes imposed on local farmers and fruit producers due to losses. Local union chief Francisco Vargas said that this was “mierda”, and co chief Gongora said “We have nothing” and promised to carry out another manifestation in El Ejido tomorrow morning at 11:30.

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