Junta will spend “hundreds of millions” in Almeria

Aren’t we good little boys and girls, all voting PSOE in the last elections. So we now get “hundreds of millions” spent on us. The Junta de Andalucia, for the first time ever, will hold a Governing Session in Almeria, where they intend to announce a vast quantity of cash will be spent in an orgy of giving over the next few years, above and beyond the normal budget, in order to alliviate the current economic downturn in Andalucia.

101 million euros on agriculture is the only definitive figure available so far (the rest will be announced today after the Junta signs off on the plans). 1.5million on a new Agricultural Investigation Lab in Almeria Uni. 20 million to revamp greenhouses and turn them into long term buildings rather than cheap plastic (Hurrah!). 11 million for “AgroIndustry”. 30 million for watering systems.

But it is also expected that the Junta will lift the death tax on property inheritence between direct family members to 175.000€. Which is nice.

Another 100 million euros is expected to be spent on retraining and rehousing workers, in an attempt to bring people out of the building trade. A “substantial” amount on community integration for municipalities with high numbers of immigrants. 4 million to buy land in Tabernas to start building a “world leading” Technological and Industrial Renewable Energy Hub. 

300 million will be put aside for low cost loans via the ICO for SMEs to expand and diversify.

And, apparantly, “more is to come”. Fine, but from where? Taxes or public borrowing?  

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