The Travellers Inn, Albox

 While pottering around in the wilds above Albox, I realised that it was lunch time. Feeling hungry, feeling lost, feeling desolate, I happened across the Travellers Inn, in Los Marcelinos.

Navigating the steep little incline down into the car park, I noticed a sign stating “English Tourist Board: 2 crowns”. No idea what that is all about, is it even permitted to have that sign up? What would the Junta say? It says it a B&B, but doesn’t have any Turismo signs displayed.

The Travellers Inn bills itself as a B&B, restaurant, live music and bar. I had no idea what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect to duck into the main bar and find myself back in the UK. I’ve never seen such an authentic looking English pub. If it weren’t for the Telefonica public phone in the corner and the Mahou on tap I would have thought myself in wildest Kent.

An amusing incident at the bar, where I was served what the barmaid insisted was Amstel and was in fact Beamish Stout. Turned out somebody had turned the tap over that morning.

While they run a number of specials throughout the week (check their website for more info) they have a bar snack menu, and a restaurant menu for the evenings. We ordered, and decided to sit outside in a nicely revamped garden area, with a fountain and fish canal running along two sides of the seating area. The ground was painted a lurid green, no doubt to impersonate grass. No complaints, it was sheltered enough, although the flies were a bit of a nuisance.

Now I have to say that they are taking the English export a bit too far. The décor, the menu, the staff, even the food was English. Even the onion rings, which were just as tasteless and soggy as any onion ring I’ve ever had in the UK. Must be imported specially.

The burgers were OK, the patties quite tasty and the buns fresh, but let down by the limp salad. The club sandwich was quite nice on malted brown bread. The pub lunch menu was fairly typical for an English pub, so you imagine the stuff on it. Mind you, despite this, I am still attracted back to the idea of actually dining there one evening. Shows promise.

That’s about it, really. If you ever feel homesick for Blighty, go and sit in the bar for a while, let the Beamish warm up, have a few peanuts, look at the pictures on the wall. Then go and have a few tapas. You want England, stay there. It doesn’t export well.

The Travellers Inn
B&B, Restaurant, English Pub
Tlf 950 523 762



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2 Replies to “The Travellers Inn, Albox”

  1. David thankyou for those kind words, I would like to point out that the Travellers came to Albox Area long before the droves of Brits and was originally a comfortabe area for my family and guests to sit of an evening, the local mayor was so taken with our efforts that he reccomended we open to the public and granted us to a licence, The local spanish community loved the idea of having a English Theme pub in the area to show of to relatives from Barcelona, This started a long & fruitful relationship with our Spanish friends that continues today 15 Years after we arrived and 12 since the bar was opened, we are now considering retirment and allow our daughters and thier Spanish Husbands take over the running of the Famous Travellers Inn.

  2. Hi its me its Jacques & Marilla keep up the good work don’t let them grind you down Others have tried and where are they now life is to short to worry about other people chill out and have fun A merry Xmas and happy New year to every one there see you soon Jacques & Marilla (ps we are away for Xmas in the motorhome)

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