Riad Cabrera, Turre

 I’ve been carrying out some home budgeting, and have discovered that it seems to cost us more to go out shopping and eat in, then to just keep some Frosties and milk in the fridge and eat out every night. Maybe I should start taking a list to the shop, instead of just grabbing whatever takes my fancy as I meander around. Came back from Super Turre the other day with two bottles of Moet and some veg. I’d only gone in for a steak (which I forgot, so still had to eat out).

 So, off we went to the Riad Cabrera, which is handily just 600m up the road from us. (Vertically, that is. It’s about 6k on the road from Turre). I’ve lunched here a few times before, and found it to be pleasant. It’s owned and run by Fatima, who I’m told used to have the small bar in Cabrera before moving a few hundred meters down the road to a large new restaurant.

The cuisine is Arabian without being Islamic, which is always a bonus. Personally, I like pork. And a glass of wine. The Riad Cabrera is well turned out, with a small bar area at the entrance, and two large non smoking dining areas. Clean and sparkling, although the washer upper seems to be a bit violent with the plates, as almost all of them were chipped. The waiters are snappily attired, and attentive, although one of them switched the a/c on full without noticing. As the temperature dropped to the low 10s and the frost started to form on the windows Fatima came rushing in to switch it off.

The menu is small but well thought out, with two starter menus, one individual and one of plates to share. The mains cover most things, and range from suckling roast pig to the veggie options. I had a Lamb Tagin (stewed whole veg with Lamb, served in a sort of stew with dates and some spices). It was delicious and I look forwards to eating it again. L had the roast suckling pig, with crackling, and again it was juicy and fresh. We finished up with a couple of desserts, ice cream and an apple pie (large chunks of apple of a thin tarte base). I always say, you can’t beat a properly thought out small menu where everything’s fresh over a large menu where it’s all frozen.

With three glasses of wine, orujo & coffee it came to under €40. You trying to tell me you can cook all that a home for under €40? And no washing up. Just make sure you have a designated driver, it’s a pain to get back down to Turre.

Riad Cabrera
Sierra Cabrera, 04639 Turre.
950 092 042
On your left as you drive into Cabrera from Turre (take the Rickys Bar road up from the cementery and follow the road up into the mountains).

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One Reply to “Riad Cabrera, Turre”

  1. The first thing you need after driving up to this restaurant is a stiff drink!
    But worth the journey, good sound cookery, well presented and very enjoyable.
    My wife chose the tagine and being a pork addict I couldn’t resist the suckling pig.
    Both delicious – look forward to returning

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