The Bell at Sapperton (Cirencester)

The bell at Sapperton When the weather is pleasant I like to pop over to the Cotswolds and potter around, a la Bertie Wooster, being passed from country house to hotel to friends sofa. Well, the weather wasn’t overly nice and so I bunkered down in Cirencester for the duration. Still working on the theory that it’s cheaper to eat out then to eat at home, especially when somebody else is paying for it, I Continue reading The Bell at Sapperton (Cirencester)

Espana, Espana, que viva Espana!!

Studying Spain from afar, it seems as if the whole country has ground to a halt to watch the “futbol”. No doubt the failed lorry strikers are watching jealously. Nobody I’ve spoken to seems to be expecting to go into work on Monday and it seems to be an unofficial fiesta. Even the local pages on the ElPais website are half empty, nobody bothering to write anything up no doubt. Win or lose, the bars Continue reading Espana, Espana, que viva Espana!!

Back in the UKSR

Currently I’m back in the UK(Soviet Republic of). I’ve already contravened regulations by throwing bread to the ducks (littering under the council by laws), broken laws by emptying the household rubbish into our black bin (we have fortnightly rubbish collections, no doubt the city council is exercising their democratic rights under RIP to spy on me with CCTV and undercover detectives) and now this> A fruit and veg wholesaler faces throwing away an entire consignment Continue reading Back in the UKSR

Briseis to reopen as one of Europes largest perfume factories

Briseis, the huge perfume factory that burnt down last year, is to reopen on the same site but “bigger and better”. Its central processing plant will be over 12000m2 and it is considered to be one of the largest perfume and personal hygiene plants in Europe. Incidentally, while chatting to a taxi driver in Havana, Cuba, last year, hearing we were from Almeria he commented on how sad it was that the factory had burnt Continue reading Briseis to reopen as one of Europes largest perfume factories

Spain wins the quater finals and wakes everybody up

I was awoken rudely last night by what sounded like a gun fight in the estate next to us. Some peering (and much fumbling with contacts) resulted in me discovering that it was, in fact, grown men with firecrackers. A few minutes later a rocket zoomed up from the gitaneria. And then cars started to whizz by, their drivers leaning on their horns. “So we won the football” muttered L, sleepily. Football? More of a rugby Continue reading Spain wins the quater finals and wakes everybody up

Telefonica ADSL settings for your line

Somebody asked me this the other day and I though I might as well post it here: If you loose your ADSL configuration (or buy a new router), the quickest way to get your configuration details from Telefonica is to call 900 502 010 from the telephone line your TelefonicaADSL runs on. You get through to a Stephen Hawkin style computer that tells you your Telefonica ADSL configuration. Have a pen handy. It’s free, so Continue reading Telefonica ADSL settings for your line

Arrest made over forest fire

The Guardia Civil confirm that yesterday they arrested a man in conjuncture with the forest fire that destroyed 120ha of scrub and trees in the Sierra Cabrera. They said in a statement that a small landholder, illegally burning waste allowed the fire to get out of control. He has been sent to Huercal Overa for processing.

Ecohéroes change us to change the world

Passionate as I am about climate change, I can’t help feeling the latest Junta de Andalucía PR campaign against CO2 emissions may be rather OTT. Consisting of the “Ecohéroes”, or the Eco Hero family, all dressed in green – Muscular Daddy, yummy Mummy, a rather “Chulo” looking teenager and a smug grandmother, complete with stick and a perm.  They link to a web that allows you to create your own “Eco Hero” and compete against Continue reading Ecohéroes change us to change the world

Fire extinguished

The fire was eventually put out late last night. According to La Voz, 120 ha of scrub was burnt, in the “Los Murtales” region of the Sierra Cabrera (Turre). Guardia Civil, local police, local firefighters and 74 Infoca personnel fought against the flames, together with five helicopters and 4 planes. Investigations are underway today to find out the cause of the fire. Infoca all took the opportunity to remind everybody that bbqs and open fires Continue reading Fire extinguished

Forest fire in Cabrera

There seems to be a large forest fire raging in the hills off to the right of Cabrera. Started on the far side of the mountains then spread over to this side. Helicopters and planes are being used and a load of Guardia seem to be heading up into the mountains. Ironically enough it was only this morning that I was reading a press release from the Junta about the installation of infra red cameras Continue reading Forest fire in Cabrera