Santi Santamaria continues to annoy

The renowned Catalan Chef Santi Santamaria (3 Michelin stars, runs the El Raco de Can Fabes) has become the poster boy of hate for Spanish chefs after attacking their work in his new book, La Cocina al desnudo (Cooking stripped bare). He stated (and stands by his comment) that  many chefs are so busy chasing accolades that they are serving up dishes that could actually be harmful to the consumer, chasing as they are that ever elusive Michelin star (or good review on this website!).

800 top Spanish chefs have signed a protest against the chef, and the row shows no signs of abating. In fact, he came out today and suggested that all restaurants should list the ingredients used in their dishes on their menus. A suggestion rejected by the Ministry of Health, who reminds us that “all Spanish restaurants comply with both Spanish and European health laws”.

“What do we want”, ask Santi, “Mediterranean diet or a diet of additives?” He has rejected claims that he is simply trying to promote his book, and has announced that the profits will be split evenly between an MS charity and an Consumer Defense organisation.

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