La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Mojacar

Update: 4th August 2008. It’s now moved, according to the normally reliable Lenox Napier (I never venture down Mojacar Playa this time of year unless driven). It’s now in Pueblo Diana, in front of El Levante. The landlord has reopened keeping it almost the same.


La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Parrilla Argentina, is a restaurant in which I only ever seem to go to when I’m with a large group of people who are always determined to get drunk. Hence, it’s always been a bit difficult remembering much about it the next day. Nor have I ever been much inclined to try.

I’m not sure why this is. It doesn’t, to judge from the bills the next day, seem to be especially cheap; it’s not famous for hosting large drunken parties of rowdy people; and it doesn’t tend to put on large plates of food to share. It’s probably because it has a large main salon roadside where 20 or 30 can sit at ease. (Also smaller tables and a second room leading off the main one).

For a steak, taking into consideration the fact you have to face Mojacar Playa, I’d prefer to go to Cortijo Albari or Lomo Blanco. After all, if you’re going to bbq a steak, I prefer olive wood rather than charcoal. And while Argentine steak has a certain flavour, I’m dubious that you can get the real stuff in Mojacar.

But never mind about all that nonsense. If you’re going to turn up with a bunch of people who all want meat, and want a drink with it, no point going to the previously mentioned places. And it’s easier getting a taxi home from Mojacar. And La Cabana is certainly more informal than Albari or Lomo Blanco.

I have to say, the meat on Saturday was very nice. Mandine ordered for the table (it was, after all, her birthday) and a selection of meats and salads appeared. An interesting melted mozzarella dish, salads, some Argentine sausage that frankly left me as cold as it was, some dips, and other starters were soon demolished. We then called out for the main courses, and the meat that appeared was very decent. The steak was rather overdone for my taste, but since apparently we requested it this way I couldn’t say much. I’ve had it better done on other occasions. Also chicken. All grilled on the charcoal grill. Everybody else got chips, I got a jacket potato with a nice garlic centre. After I had smugly eaten half of it, somebody pointed out that they’d ordered it. It still tasted OK.

There was another large table in that night, a bunch of local lads out on a stag do. They ordered a round of tequila shots that involved putting on a hard hat, being hit on the head five times, then doing the shot. Since our table was mainly composed of girls, they soon came over and invited us to a round. I had two. Very nice. Leaves the head ringing. Don’t mix tequila with Cava, the bubbles get up your nose.

Vaguely remember coffee, then some loud music next door in Sitio. Don’t worry, I got home safely.

La Cabana Argentinian Restaurant.
Paseo del Mediterraneo, 101, Mojacar Playa.
(In front of Buddha nightclub, just after Lua)
Tlf 950 61 51 79.
Find it on Google Maps

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