No Taliban in Macael, admits Mayor

“He wants Taliban? We’ll give him Taliban” growls local businessmen.

Open warfare in Macael, as local marble businessmen brought the village to a halt in a general strike yesterday. They claim that the proposed solar energy plant will not only block access to new deposits, but also block off the only tipping ground for their mines, which will mean they are forced to close. Understandably, this has irritated the local population, most of whom depend on the mines for a living, and they descended upon the streets to voice their displeasure.

The Mayor, Juan Pastor, has vowed to fight on, and has denounced everybody he can think of to the Guardia Civil. The local business association, in turn, have denounced him to the Guardia. “The Mayor is impossible” announced Miguel Sanchez, head of the local marble association. “His posture is that of jump when I tell you to, and there is no talking to him. It is impossible, all he does is insult us. This will end up in the courts, there is no other way forward”.

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