Highway blues

Influenced by all the press clippings about going straight to jail if you step over the speed limit by 2 kph (is that right?), I’ve recently been going exactly the speed limit. Cruise control rocks.

Mind you, since I’m normally going quite a bit faster than everybody else, I’ve never noticed just how aggressive everybody is on the road. These last few days I’ve been exposed to more aggression and fury than in the last 5 years. Just this morning, I slowed down to 40 (as told to by the sign) to avoid some road worker chappies smoking by the side of the road, and instantly had two large cars tailgating me, lights flashing and generally asking me to “get a move on”. One of them actually overtook on a blind corner to get past me.

Wonderful – a completely legal way of being annoying. Drive according to the law.

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