What is it with Karaoke? It seems that we are so desperate for fame that the mere showing of a microphone turns almost anybody into a high pitched public irritant.

I’ve only done Karaoke once (being forced to) and am fully aware that since I can’t carry a tune to save my life I shouldn’t be up on stage being a nuisance. But thinking about it, I’ve been involved in a number of close encounters with it; almost being beaten up by rednecks in a bar in Florida when laughing at the crying Yanks as somebody drunkly sang Lee Greenwoods “God bless the USA” (if you want to laugh at a Yank, just put that song on and chuckle as they stand up, sing along and wave), stumbling across 50 chinese businessmen singing away in a huge cavern in Xi’an (now that WAS weird), or having to suffer through some twit who didn’t know how to use his new equipment in an Irish Republican bar in NY (not a good bar to be in with an accent like mine).

Karaoke? You can keep it. It’s a bloody nuisance. Still, while people like it, I’ll keep putting it on in my bars.

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