What is it with Karaoke? It seems that we are so desperate for fame that the mere showing of a microphone turns almost anybody into a high pitched public irritant. I’ve only done Karaoke once (being forced to) and am fully aware that since I can’t carry a tune to save my life I shouldn’t be up on stage being a nuisance. But thinking about it, I’ve been involved in a number of close encounters Continue reading Karaoke

Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor

The mayor of Macael is involved in a spat with local marble companies, who are protesting against the installation of a large solar energy plant on top of a large deposit of “prime white marble”. The marble companies (20 of them) say that the plant will affect their mine in the area, the town hall says it won´t. “These businessmen” fumed Mayor of Macael Juan Pastor to a Europa Press reporter, “are nothing more than Continue reading Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor