No dogs, no Romanians

Spaniards everywhere have been in turn shocked and amused by the owner of a Beep franchise (a popular computer chain) in Mallorca who after loosing two expensive laptops in a daring shoplifting raid hung up a large sign saying:

Warning! It is prohibited to bring without prior notice dogs and Romanians into this shop. Otherwise they will leave cursing.

He continues his tirade, in a letter posted in the window of his shop, complaining that they “even work on fiestas”, and “pretend not to talk Spanish but listen to every word”.

Tut tut. Local polica have now removed the signs, and Beep HQ is less than amused. Mind you, anybody remember the corner shop in Las Bouganvillas, Garrucha, who last summer prohibited entry to “anybody coloured or non Christian because you’re stealing me blind!”.

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  1. The ‘Cervecería Alemán’ in Madrid used to have a sign that said something like: ‘Hippies are not welcome here! They don’t like us and we don’t like them!’

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