Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)

While planning a trip around the ancestral homesteads in the Cotswolds, I was informed by L that she had always wanted to sleep in a castle. Her wish being my command, (and bearing in mind that castles tend be draughty places, at least all the ones I’ve been in so far) I booked into Thornbury Castle, which happened to be on our way down to S. Wales. Arriving, I was startled by the sheer tradition Continue reading Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)

No dogs, no Romanians

Spaniards everywhere have been in turn shocked and amused by the owner of a Beep franchise (a popular computer chain) in Mallorca who after loosing two expensive laptops in a daring shoplifting raid hung up a large sign saying: Warning! It is prohibited to bring without prior notice dogs and Romanians into this shop. Otherwise they will leave cursing. He continues his tirade, in a letter posted in the window of his shop, complaining that Continue reading No dogs, no Romanians