An Almeriense blasts off

Exciting news from Switzerland, where local born lad (in 1947) Jose Luis Sanchez Lorente, financial director of Surbus (urban bus company) has succeeded in obtaining his L3 model rocket license. Not sure why this is worthy of a whole page in La Voz, but upon reading further I notice that he’s one of only two people in Western Europe with this license. His model rocket, 3.5m long and weighing 25 Kg, reached speeds of 750Km/h Continue reading An Almeriense blasts off

Blue flag beaches in Almeria

The Blue flag beaches in Almeria report is out, and this year we have lost a further 5 flags, dropping from 15 beaches to 10. (We had 16 in 2006). Marina de la Torre & Venta del Bancal in Mojacar got one each, San Jose beach in Nijar, La Bajadilla & Urbanizacion Roquetas, in Roquetas del Mar, Levante – Almerimar, Poniente Almerimar & Guardias Viejas, in El Ejido, and San Nicolas & El Censo, in Continue reading Blue flag beaches in Almeria

Santi Santamaria continues to annoy

The renowned Catalan Chef Santi Santamaria (3 Michelin stars, runs the El Raco de Can Fabes) has become the poster boy of hate for Spanish chefs after attacking their work in his new book, La Cocina al desnudo (Cooking stripped bare). He stated (and stands by his comment) that  many chefs are so busy chasing accolades that they are serving up dishes that could actually be harmful to the consumer, chasing as they are that Continue reading Santi Santamaria continues to annoy

La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Mojacar

Update: 4th August 2008. It’s now moved, according to the normally reliable Lenox Napier (I never venture down Mojacar Playa this time of year unless driven). It’s now in Pueblo Diana, in front of El Levante. The landlord has reopened keeping it almost the same. —————————————————————————————— La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Parrilla Argentina, is a restaurant in which I only ever seem to go to when I’m with a large group of people who are always determined Continue reading La Cabana Argentine Restaurant, Mojacar

The true history of the Indalo, Indalico or Mojacar man

The true history of the Indalo, Indalico or Mojacar man Tired of seeing so many erroneous articles about the infamous “indalo” man, the prehistoric cave painting appropriated by the Mojacar town hall for their unofficial logo,  I thought I’d jot down a few facts about him. The prehistoric cave painting that came to be the Indalo man was first identified by the local archaeologist Antonio Gongorra Martinez in 1868, when he published his book “Antigüedades arqueológicas Continue reading The true history of the Indalo, Indalico or Mojacar man

No Taliban in Macael, admits Mayor

“He wants Taliban? We’ll give him Taliban” growls local businessmen. Open warfare in Macael, as local marble businessmen brought the village to a halt in a general strike yesterday. They claim that the proposed solar energy plant will not only block access to new deposits, but also block off the only tipping ground for their mines, which will mean they are forced to close. Understandably, this has irritated the local population, most of whom depend Continue reading No Taliban in Macael, admits Mayor

Highway blues

Influenced by all the press clippings about going straight to jail if you step over the speed limit by 2 kph (is that right?), I’ve recently been going exactly the speed limit. Cruise control rocks. Mind you, since I’m normally going quite a bit faster than everybody else, I’ve never noticed just how aggressive everybody is on the road. These last few days I’ve been exposed to more aggression and fury than in the last Continue reading Highway blues


What is it with Karaoke? It seems that we are so desperate for fame that the mere showing of a microphone turns almost anybody into a high pitched public irritant. I’ve only done Karaoke once (being forced to) and am fully aware that since I can’t carry a tune to save my life I shouldn’t be up on stage being a nuisance. But thinking about it, I’ve been involved in a number of close encounters Continue reading Karaoke

Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor

The mayor of Macael is involved in a spat with local marble companies, who are protesting against the installation of a large solar energy plant on top of a large deposit of “prime white marble”. The marble companies (20 of them) say that the plant will affect their mine in the area, the town hall says it won´t. “These businessmen” fumed Mayor of Macael Juan Pastor to a Europa Press reporter, “are nothing more than Continue reading Taliban spotted in Macael, claims Mayor

Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)

While planning a trip around the ancestral homesteads in the Cotswolds, I was informed by L that she had always wanted to sleep in a castle. Her wish being my command, (and bearing in mind that castles tend be draughty places, at least all the ones I’ve been in so far) I booked into Thornbury Castle, which happened to be on our way down to S. Wales. Arriving, I was startled by the sheer tradition Continue reading Thornbury Castle (Glos, UK)