24 now cautioned in Zurgena

The Guardia Civil have now cautioned 24 people in Zurgena under Operation “Costurero”, an investigation into alleged corruption and official bribery related to illegal building in the municipality.

Three of them are councillors for the PSOE and PP parties, who are accused of misuse of public power (prevaricacion) having voted for these illegal builds. They have issued statements stating that since the tecnicos and the town hall secretary stated that permissions would be granted for these builds, they did not realise that they were being built on rural ground.

In further news, the civil governor of Almeria, Miguel Corpas, accused Candido and Tijeras of “putting up a smokescreen” by complaining about the state of the cells in the central Almeria Guardia Civil HQ, where they recently spent a short spell. Apparantly, they are complaining about having to eat “chorizo sandwiches and magdalenas”. Perhaps, he scoffed, they are trying to improve the menu before spending a longer time there. He did, however, promise to look into why Tijeras could not take his medicine for a tooth abcess, and why Candido had his watch confiscated.

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