A small victory over the Sevillana Endensa

A small victory from our pressure group “Levante sin Cables”, who are, as you may remember, a local Spanish pressure group of small property owners negatively affected by Sevillana Endensa, the local power company who decided to run a high power electric line over our properties instead of over the more direct route (owned by some large local businesses who want to build on this land).

You may remember that one of the largest abuses in this case was that of Astrid Schroder, who had a ENORMOUS pylon built a mere 8 meters from her back garden. 64m2 was the base, and it was some 50m high. As you could clearly see from the Mojacar mirador, the line actually went out of it’s way to go through her garden, in order to not disturb a local important landlord.

Torre eléctrica de 50m altura en su jardín!

Well, this morning, Almeria senior judge D. Ribiera declared in our case, and found against the power companies. He order the pylon to come down within three weeks!

Torre eléctrica de 50m altura en su jardín!Torre eléctrica de 50m altura en su jardín!

Some facts:

-The line is still classified as “temporary”, although it has been built as a permament structure.
-Sevillana Endesa has never paid a cent to local town halls in building licenses, despite the fact that we had the opinion of a major Madrid Legal expert saying that in her opinion this line was subject to the same taxes as you or me when we build a garage or extension.
-Despite Sevillana Endesa stating that this line is necessary to provide power to the area, this line (which has been up for over a year) is still not connected!

The POTLA does not contemplate this line, so it is to be hoped that Sevillana Endesa will (finally) do the decent thing and move the blessed thing underline.

Champagne, please. May the rest of it come down soon.


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