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Casting around for something to add to my new look blog, I was stuck until called up by a Spanish friend for a beer at midday. Time being pressing, we popped along for a few tapas at Meson Verfran in Los Gallardos, a place I find I haven’t reviewed since 2006, despite frequently popping in for a snack.

I find it strange how these Spanish mesóns can carry along without a glitch for year after year, while the English places, qualitywise, tend to sway around like an elderly transit van in a high wind. It must be the difference between the expat setting up a holiday business in a foreign clime, and a local setting up a business for life.

I find Verfran (and del Pobre, and Millindurrio, and all the rest of them) to be the same now as it was when it started – good, decent, home cooking in a clean and friendly environment. No fuss, no fancy settings, just a place where you can either have food or a drink with some friends, knowing that while no Michelin inspector will be cluttering the place up, at least you won’t leave hungry. And, I may add, I’ve often had my fill of beer and tapas in there for less money than starters on the Playa.

Where is it?

Meson VerFran
Los Gallardos
Enter Los Gallardos from the main road by the EcoMueble entrance, going down to the main square.

2 Replies to “Meson Verfran”

  1. Hi There, enjoy your blog, just thought I would tell you re our experience
    re this restaurant, The gaspacho was good, the pork was all bones and maybe
    a fork full of meat and just lonely chips, my husband’s fish was just batter
    and again the chips despite asking for an alternative, a ok desert followed
    possibly not home made. The service was fine but wouldnt be rushing back.
    Looking forward to your next articles.

  2. We went there on our last trip in October [08]. It was excellent – my partner had this enormous and tasty shoulder of lamb. Everything was well cooked and god value. Plus just 3 minutes drive from home!!

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