The Apprentice

I’ve been a fan of “The Apprentice” since day one. But in this final series it seems to have transformed from an interesting study in how clever(ish) young people approach business tasks, to a sort of reality Big Brother. 50% back stabbing, 25% bitching, and the rest is just faffing about without an effing clue. Large egos, small ideas. Booooring!

Illegal builds and political corruption

The Mayor of Zurgena, Candido, et al, seems to be blaming the PSOE for his recent problems with law, blaming them for a “witch hunt” due to the fact that “he belongs to another political party which has the temerity to win local elections”. The local Guardia Civil agents arrested for passing confidential information about police patrols to drug smugglers are saying that they are being persecuted for “shopping a corrupt police Sargent, back in Continue reading Illegal builds and political corruption

Hotel Restaurante La Brasa, Vera

 After a recent hard morning in Vera, it was decided that lunch would be a good idea. Feeling hungry, we decided upon visiting Hotel Restaurante “La Brasa”, just next to the Galasa offices, acting upon a recommendation from Mr J. After a hard afternoons band practice, Mr J and friends enjoy stuffing their faces there. So, off we went. It’s a nice new building, smart entrance and, of course, lots of car parking. In case Continue reading Hotel Restaurante La Brasa, Vera

Sur Restaurant, Mojacar Playa

 I was recently invited to lunch down at “Sur”, on Mojacar Playa. (Turn left at the Comercial Centre and it’s about 1 K along, on the left. Just near Neptuno). As I arrived, I was parked the Mazda on a bit of gravel next to the road, praying that nobody would take the corner overly fast and hit it. I scurried in, across a rather dilapidated patio (lovely in summer, no doubt, but surely you Continue reading Sur Restaurant, Mojacar Playa

24 now cautioned in Zurgena

The Guardia Civil have now cautioned 24 people in Zurgena under Operation “Costurero”, an investigation into alleged corruption and official bribery related to illegal building in the municipality. Three of them are councillors for the PSOE and PP parties, who are accused of misuse of public power (prevaricacion) having voted for these illegal builds. They have issued statements stating that since the tecnicos and the town hall secretary stated that permissions would be granted for these Continue reading 24 now cautioned in Zurgena

A small victory over the Sevillana Endensa

A small victory from our pressure group “Levante sin Cables”, who are, as you may remember, a local Spanish pressure group of small property owners negatively affected by Sevillana Endensa, the local power company who decided to run a high power electric line over our properties instead of over the more direct route (owned by some large local businesses who want to build on this land). You may remember that one of the largest abuses Continue reading A small victory over the Sevillana Endensa

Operation “Costurero” continues

 The 6 people detained two days ago in Zurgena spent yesterday and today in the central police office in Almería, being interrogated by the Police. They have been arrested under for suspected “cohecho, prevariación y delitos contra la ordenación del territorio” (Bribery, misuse of public power, and crimes against the rules of local planning laws), according to Miguel Corpas, the subdelegate of the Government in Almeria. Miguel Corpas also confirmed that the arrests were carried Continue reading Operation “Costurero” continues

Zurgena corruption scandal

 Much excitement today as the news broke of the arrests of the mayor of Zurgena, Candido Trabalon, the Councilman in charge of Urbanisations, Manuel Tijeras, the town architect, an associate of the town architect, the owner of “New Horizon Villas” (according to “El Pais”) and Tomas Zurano, president of the “Constructores Andaluces de Obra Publica” in a massive police operation. Such was the police operation that an elderly lady ran into a bar shouting “¡Los Continue reading Zurgena corruption scandal

Yamato Sushi (Granada)

  Yamato (Granada)   Japanese Sushi Restaurant Yamato, Granada   I love sushi. Wonderful stuff. While the Palacio Imperial do a good hash of serving up the basic stuff, it never really satisfies me. So I always try to mix a trip to Alcampo with a visit to the Sushi restaurant just down the road (forget it’s name, it’s just in front of the Tryp Hotel two roundabouts down).   But whenever I’m in Granada Continue reading Yamato Sushi (Granada)

Meson Verfran

  Casting around for something to add to my new look blog, I was stuck until called up by a Spanish friend for a beer at midday. Time being pressing, we popped along for a few tapas at Meson Verfran in Los Gallardos, a place I find I haven’t reviewed since 2006, despite frequently popping in for a snack. I find it strange how these Spanish mesóns can carry along without a glitch for year Continue reading Meson Verfran