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Many years ago, when I were but a slip of a lad, we watched with interest as La Capilla was restored. And impressive it was, the large building on your right going from Turre to Garrucha, just before the petrol station. And upon it finally opening, we ventured in with interest. A meal was had that would have been unmemorable, had it not been for the fact that the waiter spilt an extremely hot coffee over Mother, who to this day still bears the scar. We left in high dudgeon after a fight with the manager who seemed less than interested in the damage done, never to return.
Until recently, when I was enticed back in by a friend. After all, almost 10 years later and still open, it had to be doing something right.
The exterior car park is comfortable, but small. Upon arrival, it was just about full, forcing me to park outside the compound next to a sleepy donkey. I traipsed back in the dark to the restaurant, narrowly missing a puddle.
The gardens are, it has to be said, impressive. Overgrown in a Italian classical style, with a central water feature and small streams, plenty of statues and lots of hidden nooks and crannies, the outside seating arrangements consist of a few large tables on the main terrace, and lots of smaller, intimate tables scattered among the gardens. While cosy, this can lead to problems when you call for a waiter, as it may be some time before they spot you waving from behind a tree.
The inside of the restaurant is no less spectacular, consisting of a large central room done out in yet more neoclassical style. I only stuck my head in the main room – Manuel the owner assured me that in summer he doesn’t really use it, but in winter he brings in a lot of the plants, and tries to recreate the outdoor experience, indoors.
The toilets were a bit of a disappointment, being somewhat sparten and used. I always feel that the state of the toilets show the true character of the restaurant, and these were a bit tired.
The food was, like it’s owner, somewhat eccentric. We shared a salad and carpaccio de buey to start, the salad was lettuce with tomato and a number of pickled veg, the carpaccio pleasant but lacking in olive oil. I tried to order the oven roasted lamb, only to be told that the last one had just gone. So I had the solomillo de ternera, my friend the filete de perca (Perch fillet). The perca was slightly dry, the solomillo pleasant but overcooked on the outside, raw on the inside.
It’s difficult to know what to say about La Capilla. While the food may be described as somewhat pedestrian – even mediocre – and slightly overpriced, it’s not a place to go to for the food, but a place to go to enjoy the evening in some lovely gardens. I certainly got the impression from other diners that that was why they came, not for the food but for the company and the surroundings. Would I go again? Certainly – Manuel has a portion of lamb set aside for me!

Where is it?
Restaurante La Capilla
Las Alparatas,
Ctra Garrucha / Turre
Tlf 950 479 305
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  1. I have taken clients, family and friends to this restaurant and I have never been dis-apponted. I recommend this restaurant very highly. Those of you who visit this site offten will notice my comments when a restaurant does not come up to scratch.
    Regards to all
    WPMS villaricos

  2. I went to La Capilla for a meal last week for the first time, whilst visiting my villa in Turre. It’s reputation had lured me there. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the surroundings were. The tables and comfortable chairs were scattered throughout the grounds nestled between vines, trees and water features lit by candlelight. The ambience of the place was unbelievable and gave a certain serenity I had not experienced before. I found the staff to be excellent and the food wonderful. I WILL be going again soon and cannot wait to take others there. For a most incredible experience, go to La Capilla. The glass of champagne at the end of the meal was the icing on the cake. Thank you La Capilla …. see you soon.

  3. Sorry but I found it very disappointing especially for the price! You want a really good meal? Try Casa Joya!

  4. About time you updated this David. I suggest that the place you reviewed is not the place it now is and deserves much better comments. I have been many times over the last nine years and have thoroughly enjoyed it on every occasion. Staff lovely, surroundings fabulous, food great and not overly expensive foe a meal of the quality they always serve up.

  5. Crikey, I’d forgotten about this post. From 2007, a decade ago now.
    Mind you, I was in there last week and the menu hasn’t been changed since then. Great place for a drink in the gardens!

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