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Chili Pizzeria & Curry

The opening of “Restaurant Chili Pizzeria” was anticipated with much wonder and excitement by my brother, who loves both Chilli and Pizza. As yet, no word back on how he found the Jalfrezi Pizza.

It´s a mainly takeaway joint, on your right as you enter Turre from the Mojacar entrance. Parking is difficult, and I would advise you not to double park as the Locales do seem to be cruising around there looking for something to do – indeed, we escaped with our takeaway seconds before the notebook came out, leaving a half drunk beer and some tire marks behind. The Locales seem to have something against Indian restaurants – my brother was once fined 60E for parking on the yellow line outside Taj.

The owner cum manager of Chili is the ex chef (the first one) of the Indian restaurant Taj, and seems to be running it along with his family. It´s a spotless place, albeit quite small, consisting of the kitchen, a passageway with a couple of tables and a small bar where you can have a tapa and a beer while waiting for the takeaway.

Take aways are where the Taj has always fallen down. Their food is still (currently) excellent, but their takeaway policy has always been difficult to live with. The Chili, meanwhile, being solely a takeaway joint, and being open from 13:00 to 23:30, fills this gap wonderfully.

Prices are very good, pizzas ranging from 3.95 to 5.90, and curry ranging from 5.80 to 7.50. It´s quite an extensive menu, and they seem to be able to adjust to your tastes.

Phone in orders can present a problem, as each time we´ve called in we´ve had a person who doesn´t seem to know anything about their menu. In fact, both times we had to point out just where a dish was on their menu before they knew they had it! Still, adds to the entertainment.

The pizza bit seems to be mainly pizza with chilli on top, and as yet I have not had the pluck to taste it.

Anyway, there´s certainly a market for good curry houses that don´t try to sue their customers, and while there is no news back as to whether or not they will start doing home deliveries, I´m sure that if they both keep their standards up, Turre can accommodate both eat in and takeaway without problems.

Where is it?
Chili Pizzeria & Indian restaurant
Tlf: 950 46 84 25
Avda Almeria 55 – Local 1
Turre, Almeria
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NB: Drat, forgot to ask if they charge extra for mango chutney.

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Lenox (lenox.n.a.pier@usa.net)said (08:44:42 @ ’04-Sep-07):

Hi David – I disappeared into the back room for dinner. Very good stuff my goodness me yes. No, really – excellent dinner – waddled out with a smile and a warm belch for the staff.

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