Shamrock Restaurant

Bar Restaurant Shamrock
Paseo del Mediterraneo 8,
Mojacar Playa 04638
Tel. 950 472 664

Mojacar Playa is an irritating place at the best of times. Too long, too slow, not enough parking spaces. Whereas Lenox seems happy to meander around getting in the way (here), I´m all for building the second half of the bypass up through La Parata. Pity I don´t vote in Mojacar.

Normally I cadge a lift so I don´t have to drive along it, but since I´m still off the sauce I was cajoled into driving people to the Shamrock so that they could enjoy a glass of plonk. Such are the rigours of teetotalism.

Fortunately, parking spaces outside the Shamrock are fairly ample, even if you do have to cheekily park in front of one of their neighbouring restaurants. It´s above the Irish Rover, the Irish pub they spent so much money on redoing. As the name suggests, it´s all from the same chappie.

The Shamrock is basically what our American cousins would call a surf n´ turf sort of place, lots of steak and fish on the bbq. It´s a large, pleasantly decorated restaurant with a well stocked bar (just because I´m not drinking doesn´t mean I can´t look!), non smoking, and with good views over the sea and beach.

They have a pleasant looking menu a la carte, and a specially printed daily menu, available at lunchtime for only 12E. 4 starters, 6 mains and 4 puds, glass of wine, beer, water or soft drink are the choices, and we sampled then thoroughly.

I started with the Melon con Jamon; Justin, being difficult as always, had the same but without the Melon, V had the Vegetable and Ham Soup, B had the spaghetti Bolognaise. The Melon con Jamon without Melon was actually presented quite well, they put the Jamon on top of quite a decent mixed salad. The soup was a tad bland, the spag bol large. Not that that slowed B down.

B selected a Rioja wine, which turned out to be corked. The very amiable waiter changed it for a fresh bottle. This too was corked. Surprised, the waiter returned with a third. This too, caused us to pause. A hasty discussion, and I selected a new wine. Somebody pointed out that since I wasn´t drinking, I probably shouldn´t be choosing the wine. This made sense, and I withdrew. Eventually, a selection was made, and the new bottle was acceptable. Meanwhile, V and I were smug with our bottles of water.

Normally, a photo would go here, but I must admit that I completely forgot to take any. Nor could I find any on the web. So you will have to imagine it. My apologies. If you want a more professional job, I suggest you start paying for it.

On came the second courses. As I remember, I had the Barbecued Lamb Chops, B had the BBQ Pork chops, V and J the Cod in Swordfish on the Plancha.

To be honest, the meat was a spot disappointing. While the lamb chops were adequate, the pork chops weren´t the best, and were very finely sliced. The swordfish, while nice, came with an almond sauce which isn´t good if you´re allergic to nuts. Which we aren´t. Lucky how these things work out.

We moved onto the puddings. Whereas my passion for flan is well known, this was a pumpkin flan, which I thought was best avoided. This proved to be true, as V & B had it and it was flat, tasteless and stodgy. Instead, I had the Pear Puffs with toffee sauce. It could have been delicious, but it was only all right. The pastry puffs were somewhat tough. J had the ice cream, which he enjoyed.

All in all, a pleasant lunch. For 12E, it´s not bad, and I´m told that the a la carte meat is much better. I´ll have to pop by some time to sample it.

Where is it?
Shamrock Restaurant
Mojacar Playa 8
Tel. 950 472 664
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Original comments copied from original website:

David Jackson said (03:15:27 @ ’17-Jul-07):

Leave a box of wine out in the sun, and you’re going to get not just 3 in row corked, but all 12. Not necessarily the fault of the restaurant (could be the supplier), and as I pointed out, there was no problem in changing the wine, which was a plus. Does this restaurant serve free water? I will have to ask for a refund! PS- God, do they really still publish the Daily Star?


Joe Greene ( (15:18:10 @ ’16-Jul-07):

This review is nothing short of rubbish. To be honest I think the reviewer is just being critical for the sake of being critical. I have visited this restaurant on a number of occasions since it opened in November 2006. The steaks are excellent, the choice is great and the wine has always been perfect. The ambience is no different to any other available in the resort. The reviewer ordered three bottles of wine before one was reluctantly acceptable. I don’t believe this. The restaurant is new and it is very unlikely that two consecutive bottles of wine would be corked. Our esteemed reviewer even baulked at the third. He says the meat was a ‘spot’ disappointing. Get a grip sir – you wanted it to be disappointing and no matter what you were going to give a disappointing review. This restaurant was needed on Mojacar Playa to compete with the likes of La Cabana etc. It does not need false reviews like the one listed here. Furthermore, the only time I ever found Mojacar Playa irritating is when the likes of you bandwagon jumpers arrive with promises of greatness with the ability to deliver nothing. The reviewer could not even think to use his camera. And this person reviews a restaurant! My advice to you buddy, is to keep drinking your (probably free) water and leave reviews of good restaurants and wine to those who appreciate good food and alcohol and also know what they are talking about. In the meantime, please enjoy your takeaway fish and chips from whatever newspaper you choose to eat from – probably the Daily Star.

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  1. what do you expect the Ritz!
    i went in there a couple of times last august and i am going to Mojacar in 2 weeks again. I love this restuarant, even if it is just for sandwiches during the day or a meal at night. The upstairs does more speciality meals and downstairs is more light snack/meals and is just like a pub meal. Anyway it’s definatly not that bad and is reasonably priced, especially when u see how hard they work in there at night running around sweating in about 24 degree heat. Anyway i like it there 🙂 and Mojacar may not have much parking but it woodnt be right to ruin it with loads of car parks!

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