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Restaurant Azul
Hotel Tikar,

What to get a sister in law for her birthday? For Christmas she got a smoothie maker – for her birthday, she got lunch. Being a generous sort of chap, I also splashed out for the little bro, and for a friend to come along as well. I even let her choose the venue. The kid stayed at home with a baby sitter.

Vicky plumped for the Hotel Tikar, which intrigued me as I hadn´t previously been there, although I had had good reports about it. So we were agreed, and one Saturday lunch time turned up there.

I turned up at the appointed time, and found an easy parking spot just up the side of the hotel, on a road whose condition could only be described as Zimbabwean.

Entering, I was pleasantly surprised by the interior decor, which is very nicely done out. While I personally wouldn´t pay €400 for any of the paintings for sale on the walls, the overall impression was nice. Bit blue perhaps. Still, the clue is in the name.

We had a couple of quiet drinks in the comfortable lounge and bar area before walking around the screen into the main dining room. Comfy chairs. Somewhat too comfy in fact, didn´t want to get out of them. However, after being prodded a few times with a stick I stirred myself and found a table.

The chairs are, not to put too fine a point on it, damned uncomfortable when you first sit down, especially after the lounge. Still, after a bit the nether regions went numb and I was fine.

Now, the menu looked quite decent. They do a very decent set menu for €24,50. 7 starters and 8 main courses, plus desserts of the day. Also a decent little wine menu. I´m currently off the sauce, but still…

Now, I´ve gone and lost the bill, so I don´t really remember what everybody had. I do remember that I got overexcited and ordered the warm pasta in an apple and curry sauce to start with, which was nicer than expected; and the grilled pork tenderloin with a caramelised onion sauce to follow. I forget the pudding.

We finished up at around 4, pleasantly satiated from the food, and, belts undone, pottered off for a siesta. Damn nice all round, and definitely worth a visit.

Where is it?
Restaurante Azul,
Hotel Tikar,
Driving into Garrucha from Las Bouganvillas roundabout, on your right half way down the street.
tlf 950 61 71 31

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Jim Simpson said (09:32:27 @ ’21-Apr-07):

Thought your review was quite accurate. I personally didn’t find the meat very good (2 x entrecote steak) and it was not cooked as requested but otherwise not bad.

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  1. I was searching for information about \’Castle Interiors\’, and this your page (\’Tikar |\’) was in search results. Not sure why it appeared, but your site is still interesting to read 🙂

  2. I am very happy that I had no pictures on the wall at the time of your visit! I have some there now, so perhaps you would like to go back for another meal and have a look? If you are not hungry however, or have not money for an expensive meal, never mind a 400 euros painting, then just join me on September the 6th at the cultural house in Mojacar for the inauguration of my new exhibition. It would be a delight to meet you personally…
    PS: Yes, the Indalo Man rocks, but Kev Moore rocks harder…

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