Los Gurullos

Los Gurullos, Mojacar

Los Gurullos is a small restaurant, on your right as you descend the hill towards Mojacar playa, in front of the rug shop and just before the petrol station.

Gurullos is a typical dish here in Mojacar, made with small pasta balls in a stew, usually with chicken or rabbit. It´s lovely and I tons of the stuff, made to perfection by my chef, Fran. But I digress. By the way, ´Restaurant Los Gurullos´, which is in the area of ´Los Gurullos´ of Mojacar does serve Gurullos, although I´ve never had them there. Confused? I was!

It was quite late on Friday night on the eve before a trip to Scotland when, hungry and in the area, on an impulse pulled in. Parking is easy, although my initial impression of the placed soured when I spotted a car outside that was newer than mine. (Yes, new car! Hurrah!)

Inside, it was a plain affair, but deliberately so, decorated in the style of an old cortijo. A small bar area lead into the main restaurant, which despite holding a couple of large parties was quite quiet. Room for about 50 people, split up with some columns and screens.

The menu arrived, and it seems to be quite a simple affair, with a number of plain starters, a large pizza section and a small meat and fish section. Nothing spectacular, just simple food that the chef knows how to cook. Just what I like.

We ordered a large salad to share – and boy was it large. We then continued with a couple of pizzas, which were also large. Home made and hand cooked, they were perfectly adequate.

We finished up with a coffee, and feeling full, looked at the bill. Which was a surprise. Worked out to be 9 € each. Lovely.