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First of all, a small disclaimer. There could be some conflict of interest here, as I very nearly brought this restaurant for the current owner. I didn´t, mainly due to already being over committed on the work front (hey, this blog doesn´t write itself you know!), but I do enjoy popping in occasionally to have a snack and a beer.

Now, Candela is owned by Rafael, an eccentric barrister from Seville, who also happens to be the honorary consulate to Guinea – Buissau. Hence the large adverts for Guinea – Buissau. He also sells some pretty damned nice Christmas hampers, so have a rummage through the display at the door.

He´s not fully pushing it until the new year, mainly because he´s getting a flamenco troop to start putting on Flamenco theme nights, and he´s still trialling out the full menu. But believe me, if you like Spanish meat and wine, this is the place for you.

He´s building up his wine cellar to have over 600 of Spains finest Tintos, and a fair number of Roses and Blancos as well. A fine collection of Sevillian Jerez, Oportos, Orujos and Finos are also there, and I´ve had a few happy afternoons trying them out!

The meats? Only the very best in Jamon Serrano, chorizos and general embutidos. He had a 900E Jamon beluga there last time, only he was allowed to cut it!

Now, if Rafael doesn´t loose his touch, this should stay as a fine meat and wine bodega. He´s styling it in the traditional Sevillan way, and it should go a bomb. Just turn up, have a beer or wine, and sample the food.

He´s assembling a fine menu for dining, and I´m told that the Flamenco nights are very popular  he´s managed to find a troop of Spanish gypsies that actually know what they´re supposed to be doing. Which is better than most of these flamenco shows I´ve seen around here.

I´ll report back once the menus going and the restaurant is fully open, but if you´re in Carboneras, then pop in and have a dish. He´s on the beachfront at the end of Carboneras, in front of the port exit towards Agua Amarga.

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  1. Re the Candela, Carboneras – It is presently closed and will open under new management very soon.

    I’m not suprised he tried to sell it to you. Rafa was a true Walter Mitty. He ended up owing a lot to many, including ordinary members of staff with famillies to support.
    Good fun at a party BUT never in any monetary arrangement!!

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