La Cantina Mexican

La Cantina
Mexican Bar & Restaurant

The trouble with Mexican food is that it´s not so much a cuisine, as it is a mixture of the same four basic foodstuffs. Still, occasionally it´s nice. If it´s well done. And in a nice setting. And accompanied by Mexican beer and maybe, just maybe, a small tequila.

Anyway, due to a longing for Enchilidas from Isa & Luisa, we pottered down to La Cantina Mexican Bar & Restaurant, at Titos on Mojacar Playa. Next to Bann Thai, to which I threw a longing look as I was hustled into La Cantina.

It was quite busy in there, with both the small restaurant and the larger patio humming with happy diners. So, we elbowed aside a few people and found a table for three, next to a large group of rather subdued men.

An embarrassing incident, when in order to avoid some trick or treaters who seemed to be collecting for charity*, I nipped into the toilets, and upon exiting, lingered by the exit reading a sign on a machine that was advertising some sort of wonder magnetic cure for stress. Julio the bar tender came over and asked if I needed change – turned out to be an ad on a condom machine.

The menu is slightly dog eared, but the food is good. Fresh, which is always the key with Mexican. A selection of starters which we shared, such as Onion Rings, Jalapenos, and Alitas. Plus some Coronitas.

My companions had Enchiladas for their main courses, one veggie, one chicken. Nice and fresh. I stuck with Beef Tacos, which were delivered like two boiled eggs on a plate with some garnish. It was actually nicer than it looked. Washed it down with another Coronita.

Coffee! Why not. While enjoying a coffee, the one cheerful chap at the table next to us ordered a round of tequilas. Out came the boss (big chap!) with a silver platter with bottles of tequila and fanta limon, and a battered hard hat. He mixed up a shooter, put the hat on the most morose of the men, and hit him hard 5 times on the head, before drinking the shooter himself, which I thought was a tad cruel. Still, he got another one, and we got some free entertainment.

As to the food, I find that La Cantina is the only decent Mexican in Mojacar.

Added: 28-04-07
Popped back in with some mates for a meal to celebrate Js birthday. Much tequila, good food, and lots of hats that we found on a shelf. Good fun all round, but a tip: If you plan on sharing the fajitas between 6 people, 4 fajitas is ample!

B & V in hats!

Birthday boy in a hat!

Where is it?
La Cantina Mexican Bar & Restaurant
Paseo del Mediterraneo N2,
Complejo Tito, Mojacar Playa
Tlf + 34 950 478 841
La Cantina Website.

*Yes, it was Halloween. No, I don´t like being badly sung at by a bunch of young teenagers dressed up as sexy witches while having a beer.

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