Taj Indian, Turre

I always had great hopes of this one when it opened. Nice decor, comfortable settings, and initially good food. I went there, and I used to be happy. Not ecstatic, but fairly satisfied as I burped my way home.

It was always a bugger that they didn´t do takeaways. Eventually, they started doing them, but with what some people might call a ´bad attitude´. They only did them between 7 and 8 p.m. Come on! Who wants a takeaway curry at that time? And if you turned up at 8:15, they wouldn´t serve you takeaway! They seemed to think that if you couldn´t take it away, you´d sit down and eat it in.

A friend of mine once popped in to pick one up, and was told it would be two hours before it was ready. He wouldn´t have minded, but there were only 6 people in the Restaurant!

Still, when it started out it did some quite decent curry. I´ve been there with one person, I´ve been there with a party of 32, and they always managed to produce a decent meal.

Until recently. It´s definitely going downhill. I recently ate there, and rarely have I had such a greasy, tough little meal. It smelt, tasted and felt like they´d popped down to Mr UKs curry corner at the beginning of the week and had them all in the fridge since then. And this was on quite a busy Friday night, with lots of people. The Pakoras were reheated and brittle, cold on the inside; the Tandorii chicken started was tough and somewhat old (with the current price of chicken, they should be able to afford to throw away the old stuff!). The chicken in the main course was exactly the same texture as the Tandorii starter, and the rest of the meal was bland and unappetizing.

I´ve spoken to others who´ve been there recently, and reports vary. I may break out the antacids and brave it afresh – when I do, I´ll keep you posted!

Quality Watch!
Updated: 5th December, 2006
A recent visit reveals that they´re returning to their previous standards! “Damn fine curry” was the conclusion of a recent post-meal analysis.

Quality Watch!
Updated: 2nd July, 2007
The quality stays! After a recent bout of globetrotting, I´ve been lying low, and have only ventured out upon occasions to snatch a quick bite. The Taj keeps on providing decent curries at a decent price, and while the service is hardly out of this world, is generally prompt and efficient.
Top 5 it goes. An amazing return from the dead for this restaurant. Let´s try to keep the standard up lads!

Go on then – into my

But, they do still insist upon charging an extra euro for mango chutney. Such is life.

Where is it?
Taj Indian Restaurant, Turre
Calle Antonio Manchado, Turre
(On your right as you enter Turre from Mojacar, next to the main bridge)
950 479 607

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  2. isn't it about time you updated your review on Taj? Your revew keeps popping up on Google Search and seems a bit unfair, considering it has a number of "excellent", "good" reviews on TripAdvisor. As a Spaniard from Madrid who has lived in the UK, I personally came to know of Taj in Turre by a local Spanish restaurant owner and another business owner, who BOTH highly recommended it. if the Spanish love it than it must be good! But then you Brits seem to think you are experts on Indian Food!

  3. No! I’m most definately not!!! Your review in July 2006 needs to come down as it is the first thing that comes up for Taj when one does a google search and at the top of this page. Highly unfair don’t you think? I’ve recommended this restaurant to my friends across Spain and they agree it is one of the better Indian restaurants in Almeria.

  4. Ok – here it is:

    As a Spaniard from Madrid who has lived and worked around the world, including Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and tasted authentic indian food at some the world’s best restaurants and even indian friends’ homes, I rate the Taj Indian Restaurant highly and would personally recommend it as the best Indian restaurant in Almeria.

    I came to know of Taj in Turre by a local Spanish restaurant owner and other business owners in Mojacar, who ALL highly recommended it. It’s hard to convince some Spanish to love Indian food, but I have taken a number of my family, friends and acquaintances who have all loved the food, service and ambience at the Taj. If the Spanish love it than it must be good!

    The food – taste and variety are excellent with the right balance of flavourings and spices.

    The menu variety is excellent as it introduces some dishes that you would not normally get at other so called “Indian” restaurants. Incase people are not aware Indian food is different from Pakistani and Bengali food, the latter is much richer and fatty i.e a lot of oil or indian butter is used, where as authentic Indian food tends to be less so.

    The Service is also very excellent – Yogi, the owner is very helpful in selecting dishes and combinations of both food and wine. He has a remarkable memory and remembers not only our names but also what we had the last time!

    The Ambience is fantastic with subtle background music which is just to our liking. Other clientele who come are classy and friendly without none of the inebriated, brash, rude clients you often get at Indian restaurants in the UK and most of Spain!

    Taj is also great value for money, considering freshly ground spices are authentic indian and imported. Portion size is excellent and usually 2 can have a good 2 course meal with a good bottle of house wine, and coffee for around €20-25 or less.

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