Rodriguez Restaurant, Turre

(Note: This review is now depreciated, and is only available as a historical note.)

This used to be a mediocre restaurant and bar, until a couple of years ago it was taken over by some Russians, who opened Turres first Russian / Lithuanian / Peruvian bar. I was there late last year, for a Larios and tonic (why do they never have Gordons? I hate Larios!), and they had 3 TVs on, in three different languages – one Russian, one Lithuanian, one Peruvian. The Ruskie behind the counter explained that this was because otherwise there´d be a fight over which channel to watch, and somebody would end up in casualty. Wonderful.

However, it´s just reopened as a Bodega. So, off we popped to try it out.

We were ushered into a somewhat dingy room, stifling hot. After complaining twice, the air conditioning was switched on, leaving me with a stiff neck as it was blowing on me at some 16C.

We ordered a salad, some boquerones, jamon Serrano and cheese and assorted bits. Bloody awful. Salad looked like it´d been dragged through a hedge backwards, burnt fish, chunky jamon and bits that we left.

Onto the main course, Rape and steak. Soft steak with no taste, and tough Rape. Burnt veg. Steak left me with a dodgy stomach the next day. When asked if everything was OK, and said the above, the manager said he´d ´try better next time´.

Sadly, there won´t be a next time.

Where is it?
Rodriguez, Turre
On your right as you reach the centre crossroads (turn right to old bridge)

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