Millindurrio, Antas

500m off the Antas/Vera crossroads (assuming it´s still open, with all the current roadworks) towards Antas, just before Ramblizo on the left, is Millindurrio, a small Spanish family run restaurant that I´ve been visiting on and off over the last few years. It´s one of those strange beasts that, despite relative success and longevity, hasn´t actually lost quality. And it does a damn fine menu del dia for only 10E. When the food is as good as the price, it doesn´t take much to make me happy.

Now, Millindurrio isn´t one of those restaurants which you go to for the fancy food on fine china, exquisite wine list and delicate waiters. Nor should you turn up for a meal unless you´re pretty good with your food Spanish – the menu is oral, and changes daily depending on what the cooks rustled up from the local market. And with a selection of between 10 to 20 dishes, it can be reminiscent of a Monty Python restaurant sketch. Still, in a worse case scenario, just have a selection of tapas, and point. They normally have a good selection of tapas arrayed along the bar counter.

Indeed, upon my last visit, once we´d randomly picked out a starter and main course from the verbal barrage (did she say pork loin? She did? Then I´ll go for that!) we were presented with a communal salad, a bottle of Casera, a bottle of plonk, a starter, a main course and a dessert. And a bill of E10 each. (E11 with coffee). Not bad for lunch.

When selecting a place for a hearty lunch, I always like to count up the number of locals eating and divide by the number of places available. Mind you, I always was bad at maths. But in general, you´ll have to elbow your way through the locals to get at the trough. Always a good sign.

I started with soup, which was a pleasant enough consume. Can´t remember what everybody else had, but it was all good enough. We followed this with pork loin, Martin had scallops, and Luisa macarrones. The wine was absolutely foul, but that´s why they include the Casera, make a very nice Tinto de Verano. I did have to order a martini rosso on the rocks to mix with it, which got a few strange looks.

For dessert, well, if it´s not flan con nata it´s not a menu del dia postre. Alright, you could have pan catalan or cheesecake.

Baileys and coffee to follow? Lovely. And then a wheelbarrow to be carried home in, please. Oh, and don´t forget to tip the somewhat vicious waitress.

Where is it?
500 m off the Antas / Vera exit, towards Antas, on the left before the
vacant lot before Ramblizo.

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