Taj Indian, Turre

Posted: 08:39@17.07.06 I always had great hopes of this one when it opened. Nice decor, comfortable settings, and initially good food. I went there, and I used to be happy. Not ecstatic, but fairly satisfied as I burped my way home. It was always a bugger that they didn´t do takeaways. Eventually, they started doing them, but with what some people might call a ´bad attitude´. They only did them between 7 and 8 p.m. Continue reading Taj Indian, Turre

Rodriguez Restaurant, Turre

Posted: 14:35@16.07.06 (Note: This review is now depreciated, and is only available as a historical note.) This used to be a mediocre restaurant and bar, until a couple of years ago it was taken over by some Russians, who opened Turres first Russian / Lithuanian / Peruvian bar. I was there late last year, for a Larios and tonic (why do they never have Gordons? I hate Larios!), and they had 3 TVs on, in Continue reading Rodriguez Restaurant, Turre

Millindurrio, Antas

Posted: 09:19@10.07.06 500m off the Antas/Vera crossroads (assuming it´s still open, with all the current roadworks) towards Antas, just before Ramblizo on the left, is Millindurrio, a small Spanish family run restaurant that I´ve been visiting on and off over the last few years. It´s one of those strange beasts that, despite relative success and longevity, hasn´t actually lost quality. And it does a damn fine menu del dia for only 10E. When the food Continue reading Millindurrio, Antas

El Mar, La Mar

Posted: 09:18@10.07.06 Originally posted in July 2006. (Note: This review is now depreciated, and is only available as a historical note. Comments below were from the old version of my blog which I copied over. This review was originally posted in July 2006. I am assured that this restaurant has been revamped since then. This review is maintained here for historical purposes only. For full information on this restaurant please visit: www.elmarlamar.com. I recently had Continue reading El Mar, La Mar