I’ve been living here in Almería since 1988, and grew up here, passing through both primary and secondary schools, all the way up to Bachillerato.

I’ve owned and operated several businesses, both in Almería and in other parts of the country, and in general have had quite a happy little existence here in the south of Spain.

So, I feel fairly qualified to give an unbiased impartial opinion of businesses in the area. Among other things, my family own a large restaurant here (you know it, it’s the one that will never have a review on these pages ;), so yes, I know how the restaurant business should be run!

And why do I sit here, spewing out vile vituperations against honest local businesspeople I hear you say? Well, don’t worry, quite often I’ll let the manager know what I thought of the place before I leave! And if you do / don’t agree with me, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments at the end of each entry.


(From Speed Bump, by Dave Coverly)


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  1. I have an apartment in Mojacar Playa which is regularly let to holidaymakers. I have always recommended the La Cabana Argentinian Restaurant on the Playa as an excellent special night out for clients.

    However, I have just had some clients return from Mojacar telling me that not only had the prices of steaks increased hugely (in euros) but also the sizes were substantially less. They felt it was now not worth the money.

    Was their experience just a one-off, or have other people found the same? It may be that I need to revise my recommendation.



  2. Hi Paul

    I have Arriba on The Playa – our steaks are absoultely beautiful, as well as everything else on the menu – and half the price. Why not give us a try next time



  3. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for your reply. If you are the Arriba that used to be Snoopy’s, you are very near to my apartment. I will be in Mojacar in Nov and will visit you.



  4. David – just moved from hotel to apartment in Aguadulce & found your excellent blog -thank you. Last week a client pressed me to return for a week working / paddling at his Woolwich HQ. “no thanks I will Easyjetting it when the Thames Barrier stops popping up & down like a bride’s nighty protecting Borisville”.

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