A new Winnie the Pooh story

I asked ChatGPL to write me a new Winnie the Pooh story. It seems to have picked up on the sappy American version rather than the original stories! Once upon a time, in the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh and his friends were gathered together to plan a surprise birthday party for Piglet. They had all decided to chip in and get him a special gift, but they weren’t sure what to get. As Continue reading A new Winnie the Pooh story

High electric bills

let’s assume you’re a government who doesn’t really trust small business people. You assume that everything you are from the taxes and not declaring everything. What’s the quickest way to get to get you to pay more taxes? Well for example if you have to pay higher electric bills you have to declare more income and that means you’re paying more taxes! Simples! 😉

Pay your taxes

Obviously it’s important to pay taxes. Schools roads hospitals Etc blah blah blah. But paying taxes isn’t the main reason you go to work. It’s not the reason you open a corner shop or go to work in the rain or try to leave something for your children. Paying taxes is simply a way of living in a society and hopefully by having a nice Society you will make more money and have a nicer Continue reading Pay your taxes

Western individualism

So the whole problem with Western liberalism is it reduces individuals to Collective groups. That means it’s a lot easier to ignore the individual and just assume that you are a big Collective special interest group. And once you’ve got rid of the individual then you can assume that each person is nothing more than a productive unit who must support the state. Which means you’re nothing more than a tax producing Little Ant and Continue reading Western individualism

When a dictionary fails you

So my son has a brand new 1,300 page Spanish dictionary for school. He didn’t know what it was for, so I sat him down and explained how to use a dictionary. I asked him for a difficult word and he came up with “pandemic”. We looked it up.Turns out “pandemia” isn’t in his new dictionary We found “panda” and “pandemonio” and “pandemónium” (def. see pandemonio) and pandera and pandereta (def. see pandera, small) but Continue reading When a dictionary fails you

Cuevas local police in trouble for clearing out dangerous squatters

So the head of the local police in Cuevas was told some squatters (Okupas) had just taken over a property in the town. He went round, made a fuss and kicked the squatters out. So far, so good. He’s now in trouble for “unbecoming behaviour” and the okupas have filed a criminal complaint against him for infringing their rights. They also accused him of using his service revolver to blow their padlock off the front Continue reading Cuevas local police in trouble for clearing out dangerous squatters

Obligatory motorway tolls on the way

As part of the budget balancing plan demanded by Brussels, Madrid has promised to impose a 4 cent per Km toll on every single motorway in the country by 2024. The fact that we already HAVE a toll on road usage – fuel tax – is irrelevant here, the important thing is to bring in a new tax that they can up as we go along. That means that to go from LG to Almería Continue reading Obligatory motorway tolls on the way

Madrid has spoken much good sense

So, Madrid has spoken. Iglesias certainly stirred up “the mob”, the “noble forgotten working class of the outer cities” as he called them (patronising as always), but sadly they voted for anybody but him. More importantly, the steadfast Madrileños have spoken damn good common sense last night. They have rejected outspoken politicians who only try to divide us by stirring up anger and ancient wounds for their own benefits. His own supporters turning away from Continue reading Madrid has spoken much good sense

Why vaccine passports are a bad idea

What is a vaccine passport? As mooted currently in Andalusia / Spain, it’s proof that you’ve been vaccinated against Covid and, as such, certain civil liberties that are currently suspended should be returned to you. You’d be allowed to travel, to socialise, if you had one. Let’s think about that for a bit. What is the purpose of such a passport? Well, to divide society in “haves” and “have-nots”. I’ve had a jab – you Continue reading Why vaccine passports are a bad idea

The tortoise concentration camp

Ever wondered what happened to that tortoise you handed over to the competent authority? It got sent to a concentration camp in the mountains, died, and was thrown in a hole. Allegedly, according to an investigation by Ecologistas en Acción, who reckon more than 2,000 tortoises in the CREA (wild animal recuperation space) in Vélez Blanco have died through “negligance”. That’s 1 in 3, in case you’re keeping count of the genocide. In 9 years Continue reading The tortoise concentration camp