AIDS infection up

A person catches HIV every five days in Almería province. The provincial health service said that 74 people caught the disease last year, of which 59 were men. Sexual acts caused 79 per cent of the transmissions, but sharing of drug paraphernalia was at an all time low, causing just 3 per cent of transmissions. Almería has one of Spain’s highest infection rates, at 10.5 cases for every 100,000 people. The national rate is just Continue reading

Bird trapper caught

A man has been arrested for setting illegal bird traps in the Sierra de las Filabres after a tip-off from a concerned citizen. Environmental rangers found ten different home-made traps in a place indicated by the whistle-blower, and lay in wait until the poacher returned to check his traps. Inside his vehicle police found materials used in setting the traps for the small song birds, as well as box containing insects used as bait in Continue reading

Tax on booze and fags up, no payments over €1000 in cash

The government has announced an important change to a law, and a new budget modification for this Friday. On the one hand, the law limiting payments in cash of over €2,500 will be changed to drop this to just €1,000. This means it will be illegal to pay bills over €1,000 in cash when one of the participants is a fiscal entity (company). And large companies (and those who file their IVA return on a Continue reading

Galasa is saved in last minute deal

Our local water company Galasa was due to be declared bankrupt tomorrow December 1, but a last minute plan by the pp and PSOE has been agreed to save the bankrupt company. Details are still sketchy, but both parties have agreed a price rise lower than the one originally mooted. A new steering committee will be created to oversee the company, and the county council will set up a commission to start fixing the many Continue reading

What’s happening with Galasa?

galasa water

Galasa is our local water company, supplying homes in the Levante and the Almanzora areas. It’s a public company, owned 51% by the Diputación (provincial council) and the rest by the local councils that make up the towns it supplies. In brief, water supplies in Andalusia are guaranteed by the local councils, who are responsible for ensuring everyone has a supply of fresh potable water (hah!). Sadly, Galasa is bankrupt and looks likely to be Continue reading

Mayor Morales demands public prosecutor investigates illegal homes in Cabrera

Turre tower

Costa Almería News is reporting that mayor Martin Morales has “lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor” over Cortijo Cabrera, asking them to investigate illegal homes in the mountains. See this week’s Costa Almería News for the full story (page 3), but in short, he claims developers and previous mayors may have committed planning crimes there and wants an independent judicial investigation. So if you have a home that is not 100 % legal up Continue reading

Turre council implodes – mayor Martín cast adrift

Turre tower

Turre council imploded today after mayor Morales expelled his only party councillor, Maria Luisa Cervantes, from the ruling body. The move means that the association ‘Somos Turre’ has now been split into two. Morales returns to his previous party as a communist IU councillor, whilst Maria Luisa is now an independent councillor under the Somos Turre brand. It also leaves Morales head of a hamstrung minority government, a solitary figure backed up only with the Continue reading

Almería to fine pet owners who don’t pick up

Almería city council has approved a by-law authorising fines of between €120 and €750 for owners of pets who foul public spaces. The measure is accompanied by a large advertising campaign which aims to educate pet owners upon their “civic responsibilities”. But opposition parties have criticised the move by the PP controlled council, which they say is irresponsible. Councillor Inés Plaza (PSOE) said: “I fear the council has abandoned any attempts to bring in a Continue reading

Cars start getting stickers

DGT car vehicle stickers

Drivers across Spain are starting to receive government stickers in the post. They indicate the ecological band of your vehicle, and depending where you are, could be useful. So far, only 4.3 million drivers in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla and Valencia have received them – the rest of us will get them next year. Why those provinces? They’re the most polluted in Spain. The stickers come in four flavours: Blue 0 – electric cars Halftone Continue reading

Junta’s anti-obesity law comes closer

fat chap asleep

The Junta has published a draft version of a new anti-obesity law, a first for Spain. It goes after the 18.7% of Andaluzes who are classified as fatties and makes them run naked through the locker room whilst the jocks flick at them with wet towels. Or something like that, I haven’t read it very closely. The issue is worse amongst the youth, with 22.5% of kids overweight in the region. Some highlights of the Continue reading