Ways Brexit will affect us: Inheritance and wills

First off, let us consider what happens at the moment to Britons owning property in Spain. They can be in one of two legal conditions when they die: resident or non-resident. Resident. If you die intestate (without a will), then Spanish inheritance law applies. If you have a will with a codice specifying that you want UK (or insert your country of nationality here) law to apply, then UK inheritance law applies. In either case, Continue reading

Ways Brexit will affect us: Voting

How will Brexit affect British voting rights in Spain? Voting rights (both voting and standing for election) are as follows in Spain: Regional and national elections: Only Spanish nationals over the age of 18 who haven’t been disenfranchised. Local elections: Spanish nationals, EU citizens resident in Spain, and citizens of a country with a reciprocal voting agreement who comply with the terms of the agreement. EU elections: All Spanish nationals and EU citizens resident in Continue reading

Sorry, when does summer start?

There’s some confusion this year over when summer starts in Spain. Is it the 20th or the 21st? Different calendars are marking different days! Well, It Depends. If we ask the Spanish Navy, they’ll tell you summer starts June 20 at 22:34. But if you ask the Astronomical Office of the IGN, they tell you it’s June 21 at 0:34. So….. it depends whether you’re at sea or not? Not quite. Summer is marked when Continue reading

Coppers told off for displaying their six-packs

guardia civil

There’s a bit of a fuss amongst the National Police after complaints that fitter members of the corps have been asking for smaller sized summer uniforms to show off their six packs. They’re taking advantadge of the stretchy elastic uniforms to strut around, winking at the ladies, whilst flexing. Anyway, the head copper of Castilly y León region has warned his men he won’t stand for this and everyone is to wear their correct size. Continue reading

75,000 plastic crates pinched

75,000 plastic crates

Worth €208,000 it seems. They were taken from a company supply depot in Gador and are used to pack fruit in. Two men have now been taken into custody over the matter – one of the blokes used to work for the firm in question, whilst his mate had a huge truck. It seems these big plastic crates can be melted down and reused, so the couple were flogging them to local recyling companies. Police Continue reading

AUAN says that the illegal homes regularisation decree will be passed in July

AUAN in the Andalusian Parliament

AUAN spent a marathon day in the Parliament of Andalucía on Wednesday 8th of June 2016 to promote a speedy implementation of a change to the Planning Laws (LOUA) to provide a way forward for thousands, although not all, irregular houses. The meetings in parliament were attended by the president of AUAN, Maura Hillen, the association’s spokesperson, Gerardo Vázquez, and representatives of other groups from other parts of Andalucía, including SOHA from Malaga, coordinated within Continue reading

Andalusian President visited Garrucha today

Susana Diaz, the President of Andalucía, visited Garrucha today and held a political rally in front of 1,200 people. She used the meeting to attack the ruling PP party ahead of the national elections, as well as everyone else, and not much else. She recently put her foot in it when she declared that she wanted to leave a better Andalucía “than the one we inherited”. Seeing as to how her party has been ruling Continue reading

Jet2 brings five new destinations to Almeria Airport for 2017

Jet 2 will be flying to Almeria as from 2017

Jet2 has announced five new weekly flights to Almeria airport for next year. They are as follows: Edinburgh (flights start 27/04/2017, twice a week) East Midlands (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) Leeds Bradford (flights start 30/04/2017, every Wednesday and Sunday) Manchester (flights start 29/04/2017, every Tuesday and Saturday) Newcastle (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) It seems tickets are now on sale – the Edinburgh route came up as €130 per person returning, €54 going for Continue reading

Human trafficker faces four years in jail

coastguard immigrant patera

An Algerian human trafficker arrested in charge of a dangerous and leaky boat off the shores of Almería is facing four years in jail. The public prosecutor has made the demand, saying that the man’s avarice put the lives of nine migrants at risk. The fibreglass boat, which experts say was unseaworthy, was rescued by the Spanish coastguard last November 29 in high seas off the coast of the Cabo de Gata. The nine migrants Continue reading