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andalucian parliament

Andalusian Parliament investiture ends in rows and legal action

Today saw the investiture of the Andalusian Parliament. Not the votes for the President of the Junta de Andalucia which takes place on Monday, and which looks likely to leave Andalusia rudderless. In brief, the President of the Junta is the executive, the Parliament is the legislative. 109 MP’s from five different parties turned up today to take their seats. For the first time anywhere in Spain, MP’s from the new Podemos and Cuidadanos parties[…]

  • Somos Turre Somos Turre presentation this Wednesday

    4 days ago --

    If you live in Turre and are at all interested in the forthcoming municipal elections, I urge you to pop along to the presentation of the new residents party that will be putting forward a list of candidates for the townhall. It’s called Somos Turre (We are Turre), and is lead by experienced local councillor and all round good egg Martin Morales, who is currently the IU councillor in opposition. He will standing on the[…]

  • vote in election Opposition parties denounce electoral fraud in Mojácar

    4 days ago --

    Opposition parties Somos Mojácar and the PSOE have joined forced in Mojácar to submit a joint complaint to the local electoral council (JEZ) and a local Judge denouncing irregularities on the padrón ahead of municipal elections. According to the complaint, the opposition parties have proof that the Mayor has been ordering by decree the inclusion on the local electoral roll of suspicious or potentially non-existent voters. The complaint alleges amongst other things that the Mayor[…]

  • casa-ferrera_4011501 The beautiful Casa Ferrera building is up for sale

    1 week ago --

    One of Almería’s most beautiful buildings, the Casa Ferrera, is up for sale at 3.5 million euros. It’s the stunning building which borders one edge of the Nicolás Salmerón park. The Casa Ferrera was built in 1900 as an over-the-top iron warehouse, and was converted in 1913 by Cartagenian businessman Emilio Ferrera López-Mesas, who reopened it as Almería’s first department store. Emilio arrived in Almería as a fresh faced 18 year old youngster in 1902,[…]

  • playa macenas golf No bids placed at Macenas Golf auction

    1 week ago --

    The government auction of Macenas Golf was a failure today after not one person bid. Macenas Golf was up for sale with a reserve price of just €153.089, but with additional debts of some €2.8 million euros. The sale is of some 270,000 square metres of land which includes the 18 hole golf course. The land was seized after the company which built Macenas ran up large debts with the Social Security department and was[…]

  • playa macenas golf Macenas Golf to be auctioned off this Thursday

    1 week ago --

    Playa Macenas Beach & Golf Resort will be auctioned off this Thursday by the Ministry of Employment after the complex was seized for not paying social security. The sale was going to be earlier in the year but negotiations stalled the embargo. However the government has run out of patience and ordered the sale. The reserve price on the auction is just €153.089, but the complex comes with €2.662.000 in debt which the purchaser must[…]

  • aerial photo of Zurgena Chap caught red handed breaking into Zurgena townhall

    1 week ago --

    Police were called to Zurgena townhall on Easter Thursday after an internal alarm went off, and when they checked the outside of the building, spotted a broken window with a pair of flip flops hanging off the reja. Their suspicions aroused, they got hold of someone with the keys and searched the building. Hunting around, they eventually discovered 45 F.J.C.M.,a local man, hiding flip flop less under a desk in an office. When they searched[…]

  • francisco franco OK, Franco was a dictator admits Spanish Academy of History

    1 week ago --

    The Spanish Academy of History has bowed to public pressure and will amend the official biography of Francisco Franco to make it clear he was a dictator. The current entry was written by Professor Luis Suárez, who specialises in medieval history – and happens to be a member of the Francisco Franco Foundation, a charitable organisation setup by the dictators heirs to “guard his historic memory”. Really. Tax breaks and everything. I’ve written before on[…]

  • crashed car aguadulce Impressive car crash in Aguadulce

    1 week ago --

    A woman lost control of her car after hitting a puddle this midday in Aguadulce (other side of Almeria city) and managed to plough through a wall. Accidente en Aguadulce (Almería). Sin comentarios. #estápasando #aparcao — Curro Verdegay (@CurroVerdegay) April 7, 2015 The 32 year old woman suffered only light injuries.

  • Aloe Vera Aloe Vera everywhere

    1 week ago --

    There has been a boom in the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants in Almería, and it’s estimated that about 100,000 of the plants are currently under cultivation. The largest farm is run by a company called Cosensa just 15km outside of Almería, which has 10 ha under cultivation. Consensa, by the way, was founded by General Luis Rosón Pérez, whose brother Juan José was the first democratic Minister of the Interior (that might have helped[…]

  • helicoptero-Almeria-Nijar Mysterious helicopter “probably drug running”

    2 weeks ago --

    The inhabitants of the tiny hamlet of Fernán Pérez near Nijar woke up Saturday morning to discover a toppled over helicopter in the middle of a field. There is no sign of it having crashed, or who was piloting it. Police have had it sealed off all day and continue to examine the machine. However, sources say that the helicopter was probably carrying a large amount of illicit drugs from Africa, and landed in Nijar[…]

  • Small farmacias to get government assistance to stay open

    2 weeks ago --

    Small farmacias (pharmacies) that are struggling to stay afloat have been thrown a lifeline by the Junta de Andalucia. Farmacias which had a turnover of under €200,000 last year will be able to apply for a series of grants and tax relief schemes to help them keep their doors open. The Junta says that the local farmacia is a vital institution in small villages and an important part of the national health scheme. I can’t[…]

  • Almeria airport only flying to 20 destinations this year

    2 weeks ago --

    The summer schedule of destinations for Almería Airport has been unveiled and it’s a poor show: just 20 European destinations this year, down from 26 last year. A further 9 national destinations will be served from the airport. AENA says that you will be able to fly on a regular flight this year to Holland, Denmark, UK, Slovakia, Belgium, Eire, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Iceland (?), France, Portugal and the Checz Republic. A full list of[…]

  • Revenge, Madam, was sweet Villages to get dogcatchers to reduce feral animals

    2 weeks ago --

    Small villages across Almería will now have access to an official dog catcher paid for by the Diputación (county council) after a contract worth €60,000 was awarded this week to a local company for this service. Montaña del Sol Animal Service SL will now be in charge of catching and removing stray dogs from villages with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants.  The company will provide an emergency 24hour service for the capture of dangerous or hurt[…]

  • CaixaBank Banks to start charging you DOUBLE to use hole in the wall machines

    2 weeks ago --

    Not content with whacking a charge on ATM machines everytime you withdraw cash, Caixabank has now announced a second €2 which will be applied at their end. And other Spanish banks admit they are mulling the charge over. So if you use a Caixabank card to withdraw cash from any hole in the wall, you get charged €2. And if the hole in the wall machine doesn’t belong to Caixabank, you get another charge from[…]

  • hacienda tax law EU investigates Spain over the foreign asset declaration form 720

    2 weeks ago --

    Remember the foreign asset declaration form? The infamous “modelo 720″ which obliges residents to declare all major assets outside of Spain, such as bank accounts or a house back in Blighty. You can be fined a vast amount for not declaring these assets. If you don’t file the tax form being obliged to do so, or file it incorrectly, you get fined €5000 per mistake, with a minimum fine of €10.000. And if you don’t[…]

  • greenpeace algarrobico Junta asks for police warrant to demolish the Algarrobico hotel

    3 weeks ago --

    The Junta de Andalucia has asked for judicial permission to enter the Algarrobico hotel grounds and demolish it for once and for all, despite delaying tactics by the builder. A request for a warrant was filed with the Supreme Court on Friday asking for permission to bypass the builder Azata del Sol SL, and requesting police protection for demolition experts to enter the area at will. The request also asks the court for an order[…]

  • Remains of Miguel de Cervantes, writer of Don Quijote, found

    1 month ago --

    The remains of Miguel de Cervantes, the Spanish answer to Shakespeare, have been found in a mass grave in the monastery of Convento de las Trinitarias in Madrid, according to an official report published today. Investigators have spent the last few years digging through the ancient tombs in the crypt below the Convent, and are “pretty sure” that Miguel and his wife Catalina de Salazar have been found. However, no DNA remains have been found[…]

  • museo_almeria_MAL1_exterior_museo_mgt_c_fernando_alda_jpg_1306973099 Almería’s museum given top marks by influential Chinese guide book

    1 month ago --

    The Museum of Almería has been declared a “Top Choice 2015″ by the Lianorg Guide, an influential Chinese guidebook which helps Chinese & Japanese tourists plan their Western holidays. The award was given based on feedback by tourists to the Museum during 2014, as well as a visit by the local representative of the guide, who praised the Museum’s hard work in putting up information in both Chinese & Japanese. Director Arturo del Pino said[…]

  • Mojacar Mayor during a plenary session Mojácar town plans rejected by government; opposition walk out over “cover up”

    1 month ago --

    All opposition parties abandoned yesterday’s townhall meeting accusing the Mayor of a “cover up” after her new plans for the town were rejected by the Junta de Andalucia. Mojácar townhall had announced in a fanfare last September that a new PGOU (town zoning plan) had been drawn up which would secure the future for the town. It has now emerged that the Junta de Andalucia, the regional government, rejected the plans in December – but[…]

  • March 2015 Transmission Area Spectrum FM extends reach

    1 month ago --

    Spectrum FM Costa Almeria have expanded their transmission area again to improve their coverage in Costa Almeria and Calida.Richard Shanley of Spectrum FM Almería told me that: The coastal frequency of 106.8FM has benefited from the latest state of the art antennas and transmitters giving coverage from Carboneras to just south of Cartegana. The 96.1FM inland frequency from Bedar to Baza and Lorca to Lubrin has also been overhauled and coupled with new software and[…]

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  • DSC_0089-001

    Turre – a history has been published

    My latest book on the history of the province: Turre – a history is now available in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon! Or if you want, you can get it from, the Spanish site. Turre – a history recounts the last 500 years of history of the Levante of Almeria through the story of the small town called Turre. Starting with the conquest of the province by the Spanish Catholic Kings from the[…]

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    Original document signing over Kingdom of Granada to the Catholic Kings of Spain (not Almería but the whole Islamic Caliphate)

    Almería surrender documents found and restored by local paper

    The original articles of surrender by the Moorish residents of Almería to the Christian armies in the 15th century have been found (they were lost? Stuck in a box somewhere it seems) by Ideal newspaper and restored by them. They are now on display until after Christmas at the Museo Arqueológico Provincial. The Capitulaciones as they are known, were negotiated between the Islamic ruler of the city of Almería and the Catholic Kings Isabel &[…]

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  • english cemetery almeria

    Almería’s English cemetery will reopen

    In 1887, the town of Almería ceded in perpetuity, 888 square metres of land to be used as an “English cemetery” for Anglicans who died in the province. Of course, in the glory days of Queen Vic, this sort of thing was all well and good, but what with civil wars, economic downfalls and the final setting of the sun upon the Empire, the place fell into disuse. The local Brits were usually happy with[…]

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    Garrucha abandoned warehouse

    The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

    We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

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  • 90583_64478_Pegatina-informativa-de-la-nueva-aplicacion_G

    Mojacar launches smartphone app

    Mojacar townhall has launched a virtual tour office for your smartphone. With it, you can gets historical information, tourist guides and snippets of information as you wander about the place. You can also scan the fancy new QR codes that have been put up on signs at interesting points, and that will instruct your phone to download an audioguide to explain what you’re looking at. Get it from Google play, the Apple market or scan[…]

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  • The Ermita Virgen de la Cabeza on top of the Cabezo Maria volcano.

    The Cabezo Maria hermitage in Antas

    It’s the famous hermitage you can see on top of the hill outside Antas from miles around. The hill is actually the remains of the central lava column of an ancient volcano. The rest of the volcano has eroded away, leaving only the central lava spike, on top of which a shrine was erected. The lava flow from this hill can actually be traced all the way down to the sea – it can appears[…]

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  • presidents of spain

    Who was Adolfo Suárez?

    Spain is in mourning for Adolfo Suárez, the first democratic President of Spain, who died on Sunday. But, who was he, and why have most people never heard of him? His tale is a interesting and intriguing one – for most Spaniards associate him with the hope that followed the death of the military dictator Franco, when anything seemed possible, and before they became disillusioned with their politicians.

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    Strong and powerful, as a King should be

    Things we didn’t know: King of Spain is also King of Jerusalem

    A useful bit of trivia for your next pub quiz: King Juan Carlos also happens to be the King of Jerusalem, although I don’t know if anyone has told the Israelis. His Majesty Juan Carlos the First, By the Grace of God, the King of Spain, King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, of Jerusalem, of Navarre, of Granada, of Seville, of Toledo, of Valencia, of Galicia, of Sardinia, of Córdoba,[…]

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  • noname

    The abandoned hotel between the AVE and the Rambla in Los Gallardos

    This vast building is just another abandoned relic from Spains past. Another notch on the coffin of its economic dream, another testimony to past folly. I’m told that it was built by a Catalan couple who had inherited the land from ancestors who passed away in Los Gallardos, although nobody seems to know them personally. Possibly he was an architect. Others say he was a builder. What does seem certain is that the promoter of[…]

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    Good employment news is just a political smokescreen

    Lies and mirrors is all we are seeing with the “good news” about the unemployment figures in Spain this Christmas. Lets look at the figures: 107.570 people fewer on the SEPE list during December, which means people who are on the dole or whose dole has ended, but are actively inscribed on the government “looking for work list”. But since nobody bothers to register on the SEPE once their dole has ended (you have to[…]

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