Turre tortoise arrest

Tortoise goes a-hunting

A person in Turre has been arrested for owning 16 tortoises. The owners had them in their garden outside their villa, and the national police were tipped off by an anonymous phone call. Agents raided the property and rescued the animals, which are now being set to Stalg Luft CREA, a habitat for endangered species up in Vélez Blanco (a bit cold for tortoises there at this time of year, but never mind). The owner Continue reading

A lovely time at the Royal British Legion in Mojacar

I had a lovely time this morning in the Royal British Legion meeting rambling on about the history of the area. Well, I did, I don’t know about the poor blighters who had to listen to me. I was there to talk about my book Turre – a history. Coming soon to a bookshop near you (and available now via Amazon in print or Kindle). Many interesting and intelligent questions were put to me, and Continue reading

Turre to hand water over to Galasa

Turre tower

Turre will vote this evening to hand the water management of the town over to Galasa. An open plenary session at 8pm to which all are invited. This means that the town will stop handling its own water affairs and turn the whole thing over, lock stock and barrel, to Galasa in a rather rushed deal that fails to benefit the town in any way. All meters will be changed for new ones (the town Continue reading

The trouble with being a nurse

There’s a lot of moaning going on in the UK press about junior doctors at the moment, but here’s a fun piece about this years job positions in the regional health service. A total of 9,881 people in Almería have applied to sit entrance exams for this years job positions in the regional health service SAS. Across the entire region of Andalusia, the regional government has posted a total of 3,282 job positions, of which Continue reading

Stamp commemorating a thousand years of Almería launched

sello correos milenio almeria

Correos had a presentation yesterday of a commemorative stamp illustrating the thousand year anniversary of the Kingdom of Almería – 1014 – 2014. This seems to have come two years late, so I may be missing something in this story. The backdrop is from an early 19th century lithograph taken by Nicolás Mª Chapuy, whereas the forefront is a modern photo by Pako Manzano. The big “m” is the official logo of the “Milenio Reino Continue reading

19 arrested in Almería for forcing abortions for the insurance money

hospital inmaculada huercal

A major police operation last night and today have resulted in 19 people being arrested in Almeria city for running an insurance scam in which women became pregnant, aborted, and then claiming they had miscarried due to traffic accidents, for the insurance money. 12 of the people arrested are women. Charges levied appear to be defrauding insurance companies, illegal abortion and belonging to a criminal gang. Women involved in the scam would fall pregnant. Once Continue reading

The case of the public prosecutor and the stolen Mercadona trolley

Public prosecutor and the Mercadona trolley

Some eagle eyed readers of a newspaper recently spotted this lovely little gem of a photo which is trending on Spanish social media: The gent in the photo is the Public Prosecutor of the Balearic Isles, who is currently very busy making sure the Infanta Elena (of the Royal Family) doesn’t get done in the Caso Noos (he wants the case dropped and all charges struck from the record). Behind him is an obviously pinched Continue reading

Somos Mojacar issues allegations against Mojácar nuisance bylaws

Somos Mojácar writes to tell me that: As you may already know, Somos Mojacar has presented strong opposition and more recently, allegations against the recently announced by-laws relating to public behaviour in the town. We feel that the implementation of these new laws will have a negative effect on the future of Mojacar´s tourism industry. Certain points in the by-law blatantly infringe human rights and rights of liberty and choice as detailed in the Spanish Continue reading