IKEA comes to Almería

IKEA has confirmed it will build a super store in Almería city. The company signed a contract yesterday purchasing a massive plot of land on the outskirts of the city, and contracted a company to build a 27,000 square metre building on it. Construction company Carrida will start work in February 2018 with the grand opening expected to be in February 2019, according to the published timeline, which assumes planning consent within six months. Carrida Continue reading IKEA comes to Almería

Mónsul & Genoveses beach access closed for summer

The usual traffic restrictions are now in place preventing you from driving down to some of the Cabo de Gata’s most popular beaches until Sept 17. The roads are closed because otherwise thousands of cars turn up and do irreparable damage to the fragile local environment. They also cause huge congestion and prevent emergency services from getting to the beach in case they are needed. So the usual park and ride system is in place. Continue reading Mónsul & Genoveses beach access closed for summer

End of EU roaming is bad news for us this summer

The EU has abolished roaming mobile phone charges between countries. So you can use your phone in another EU country as if you were at home. Hurrah! Bad news for us down here in Spain. Why? A worse and more expensive service, basically. Because with an estimated 23 million EU tourists coming here in July alone, there are very real fears that the infrastructure will collapse. The number of phones connected to the network is Continue reading End of EU roaming is bad news for us this summer

Guardia Civil gives trainee officers bullfighting classes

There is uproar today after it was revealed that 250 Guardia Civil trainee officers were given a course on bullfighting as part of their training in Jaén this week. One of their teachers swapped the police tricorn hat for a bullfighters cap and cape, to show students how to properly torture a cow to death. The students were not impressed, with a number of videos making their way onto the internet and a complaint being Continue reading Guardia Civil gives trainee officers bullfighting classes

All naked flames banned as from today

All naked flames in the countryside have now been banned between June 1 and October 15 across Andalusia. Barbecues (of any type), naked flames, bonfires etc are all banned. This includes motorway rest areas or countryside sporting or public camp areas, even if there are installations for such barbecues.As is the transit of motor vehicles in forest areas or within 400 metres of said designated areas. Bee keepers are also affected, as they must used Continue reading All naked flames banned as from today

Rajoy cocks up

(And I’m not talking about the Catalonia independence issue). Rajoy committed a rather spectacular blunder today when he voted against his own budget amendment. Even more surprisingly, he was the only MP to do so, meaning his “mistake” was rather obvious. Everyone stared in amazement at the info board which shows how MP’s voted, with one little red dot where Rajoy sits (image on the left). https://twitter.com/Ainhat/status/869885984841879552 Spanish MP’s don’t bother with formalities when voting. Continue reading Rajoy cocks up

No of course you can’t break into a car

The National Police have reminded people that if you break into a car to rescue an animal trapped in the sun, you’ll be done for vehicle theft. Their Twitter message comes in response to a popular bit of nonsense doing the rounds online which urges people who see an animal locked inside a car to take a photo, then break into the car to rescue the animal. According to the myth, the photo will protect Continue reading No of course you can’t break into a car

Barcelona says unilateral independence the only way forwards

The Catalan Govern warned today that unilateral independence is their only way forwards after Rajoy closed off any chance of negotiating a referendum. Mariano said that the whole referendum debate was a bluff by Puigdemont (President of Catalunya) and that no doubt he was really planning to call regional elections and increase his minority government. He -or rather his VP Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría (for Rajoy never talks directly to the press if it can Continue reading Barcelona says unilateral independence the only way forwards

Bakers get angry

The bakers guild has handed in a petition to ban the popular saying pan con pan, comida de tontos (bread with bread is the food of fools). More than 4,300 people have signed a petition asking the Spanish Royal Academy of Language to “remove the negative connotations of this saying which have no basis in fact”. Along with the petition, the bakers gave the lexicographers a loaf of bread and a letter. We don’t know Continue reading Bakers get angry