Naughty cocaine seller used Gramps as a cover

A 45 year old woman and an 85 year old man have been arrested for selling cocaine from a car. The elderly man was being paid by the woman to accompany her in the hope that his presence would allay police suspicion. A Guardia Civil undercover unit saw the couple sitting in their car outside of a nightclub in Cuevas del Almanzora. They were both visibly nervous, and the woman occasionally disappeared inside the establishment Continue reading

Huércal Overa FC broken into

The locker rooms of Huércal Overa F.C. were broken into and vandalised last week, causing damage in excess of €6.000. The clubs locker room in the Campo El Hornillo football field outside the city suffered the night time attack by persons unknown. The break-in was discovered by the cleaners last Monday at 11am when they arrived to prepare the rooms ahead of that evenings game. The third division club has lost most of its equipment, Continue reading

Níjar to ban wild camping this summer

Níjar council confirmed it is planning to ban wild camping after more than 200 caravans and motorhomes descended upon the park on Easter weekend. Councillor Alexis Pinar said: “this was an avalanche which we expect to be even worse this summer, and which caused our traffic infrastructure to collapse. The local police issued a number of fines to badly parked caravans”. The council says it will shortly introduce new bylaws to prevent any wild camping, Continue reading

Cabo de Gata resources strained to the limit over Easter, will it cope in summer?

Cabo de Gata nature park looks set to receive its highest number of visitors ever this summer, but there are concerns that the infrastructure won’t be able to cope after a busy Easter left cutbacks more evident than ever. Local associations and residents have complained about the lack of cleaning teams after a hot Easter week encouraged many tourists to the beaches. Urban beaches in the park are the responsibility of the local council, but Continue reading

Tax revenues collapse in the province laid bare

The collapse of the Spanish economy caused a massive drop in the amount of taxes collected from across Spain. But a new study by the association of tax inspectors Gestha has laid bare the true cost to Spanish coffers. Almería was -and continues to be- one of the provinces which was most affected by the bursting of the economy bubble in 2008. This was most evident in 2012, when the province had the highest unemployment Continue reading

Raf tomatos face up to the competition

The Raf tomato is a local delicacy that is famous throughout Spain for being “more expensive than jamón”. But the luxury vegetable is under increased pressure from cheaper competitors. A product grown only in the dry soil of Almería, the original Raf was a desert tomato introduced from France in the 1960’s by a company called Semillas Clause. The Raf is now considered to be the best tomato produced in Spain, with a unique texture Continue reading

Vehicular access to Cabo de Gata beaches barred again this summer

Access by vehicle to the Cabo de Gata nature park beaches of San José will be restricted between June 18 and September 18 this year, as is normal. Visitors to these beaches must park in the village of San José and take a bus which runs to the different tourist areas. The virgin beaches nearby do not have capacity for the hundreds of cars which turn up on a daily basis, and so access is Continue reading

Garrucha brother arrested for sabotaging his own guild

Here’s a good one from the Holy Week festivities – a 33 year old man from Garrucha has been arrested after sabotaging his own brotherhood. Coppers say the man caused more than €4,000 worth of damage after he started a campaign of intimidation and harassment against fellow guild members. It is understood the motive behind the attacks was personal jealousy after he felt sidelined during planning for the Easter processions, the highlight of the brotherhood’s Continue reading

4,000 illegal immigrants living in squalor across province

A man recovers his belongings from his razes chabola in tierras de Almería (El Ejido)

It’s estimated that up to 4,000 people are living in conditions of absolute poverty across Almería province. Mainly illegal immigrants, they form an unknown number of shanty towns or chabolas (shacks) concentrated mainly in the Níjar – Campohermoso or El Ejido areas. Almería Acoge, together with Médicos del Mundo, are two charities that are heavily involved in helping residents of these shanty towns gain access to the very basic services that we take for granted, Continue reading

Roulette cheats nabbed

Two men from Roquetas de Mar have been arrested for using a radiofrequency device to cheat a roulette machine out of €1,900. The scam was cunning in its technological achievement (unless they just bought the thing off e-.bay) but naive in implementation. The two men arrived at a local casino last March 7 and within 20 minutes had won all the money. As the croupier became suspicious, the two men cashed in their winnings and Continue reading