Junta’s anti-obesity law comes closer

fat chap asleep

The Junta has published a draft version of a new anti-obesity law, a first for Spain. It goes after the 18.7% of Andaluzes who are classified as fatties and makes them run naked through the locker room whilst the jocks flick at them with wet towels. Or something like that, I haven’t read it very closely. The issue is worse amongst the youth, with 22.5% of kids overweight in the region. Some highlights of the Continue reading

The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

No, it's not Ben Navis, it's the Cabreras (click for big!)

Costa Almería News broke the news this week that Mayor Morales of Turre had signed a decree to take over the running of Cabrera village. What does this actually mean? I had a read of some documents to find out. First off, let’s explain the situation. Cabrera isn’t run by the council (although home-owners still have to pay IBI). Instead, it’s technically a partially finished urbanisation, which means it’s run by a junta de compensación, Continue reading

Elderly woman goes missing in Turre

An 80 year old woman has gone missing from the mountain hamlet of Royo Morera above Turre. Some 80 volunteers and civil protection officers are combing the mountainside for her, along with a rescue helicopter, Infoca mountain fire fighter teams and a mountain rescue team. The elderly woman was declared missing to the Guardia civil at 4pm yesterday after she didn’t come home. A major search started early this morning.

Day 7: in which I retire to a monastery (island)


I awoke with my usual early morning vigour and jumped in the shower. The thing had another box on the wall, which made a hell of a noise. Turns out it had a pump inside to give extra power, and it was certainly a powerful jet. Michael and his Mum were still setting out breakfast so I went for a brisk constitutional around McCraigs tower. A rabbit ignored me as it vandalised the gardens. I Continue reading

Day 6: northwards bound again


I was sad, once again, to be leaving Islay. I pottered around the hotel room for a bit, idly picking up and discarding items to pack. Then I realised I’d better get a move on if I was going to see anything before catching the ferry. My original intention had been to push north to Oban via the island of Colonsay. But it turned out – I hadn’t read the small print – that the Continue reading

Day 5: in which I do the Corryvreckan run in two under par


Some would say that going 5 days without seeing rain in Scotland is good going. Frankly, coming from Almeria, it’s a bit disappointing. I was going to the neighbouring island of Jura. It’s separated by a mile or so of water from Islay – a nasty bit of water which rushes past at high speed with the tide. I’d originally planned to explore the paps of Jura. Martin Coventry stiffly notes that the name comes Continue reading

Day 4: the singing of the seals


The singing of seals is a magical and ethereal experience, haunting in its echoing call. I sat enthralled in the early morning outside Portnahaven, feet dangling above a limpid sea, kicking against the old jetty as the seals sang, perched on rocks or gamboling in the waters edge. It is no wonder that ancient mariners would whisper that there was a whiff of the mermaids lure in their song, for as I sat there with Continue reading

Day 3: in which our a hero almost loses a glove


I was sad to be leaving Arran. It’s a lovely island and as I wandered through Brodick in the early hours of the morning waiting for breakfast I thought about how resilient these islanders are. For example take this one business which rents out Cycles, locksmithing services and sign writing services. All from his front room.  And people are very friendly. Everyone waves as you pass by or stops to bide you a good morning Continue reading

Day 2: in which our hero forgets his comb


I awoke early and slipped out of the silent hotel eager to explore the island before breakfast, which you were remembered doesn’t start until 9. Some people are greeted by seals when they come to Scotland. I got this:  Dealing with the cards that life gives us I poked it for a bit then carried on. The sea was like a millpool and put the Mediterranean to shame in the pale grey light Before the Continue reading

Day one – in which our hero is rebuffed by a hire car company


I’m currently on a ferry in the middle of the Firth of Clyde. A gorgeous sunny day about 20 degrees although the winds a bit strong. So how can I have free Internet access which is equally as fast as what I have in Los Gallardos?  Yes I’m back in Scotland and heading off to the Hebrides.  Faithful readers will remember how super Turre refused to sell me an otter protection device last time around; Continue reading