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dgt radar trap traffic cam motorway

New speed traps go after speeding lorries and people with specific speed limits

Quite a few vehicles on Spanish roads have specific speed limits. Lorries, buses, special cargo transporters or drivers with restricted speeds all have to go slower than the indicated maximum speed at certain points on the road – lorries aren’t allowed to go over 100kph on motorways, for example. The current speed traps in use can’t distinguish between different types of vehicles, and so these restricted vehicles can drive at the maximum posted without worrying[…]

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bike turre cycle

Turre expects over 1000 cyclists in the 2015 firemans bike race

Well over a thousand mainly amateur cyclists are expected to turnup this 15th of February in Turre for the 2015 Ruta MTB Bomberos cycle race up and down the mountains over rural roads and riverbeds. It’s a fun course which started off some years ago as a fun competition between local cycling groups and quickly swelled into the cycle event of the year for the province. For information on joining see Turre townhall or Asdeportiva[…]

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Dreambeach Villaricos 2015 lineup announced

And I haven’t heard of any of them. Summarising the press release: Dutch DJ’s Thom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf are the headline acts at this years Dreambeach Villaricos 2015 musical festival (7/8th August). BLASTERJAXX are known for “their high voltage equipment and rapid dance rhythms” which should be fun for the village of Villaricos. Other signed acts: Luciano, Pet Duo, Dixon, Nina Kraviz, Gonçalo , Spor, Kill The Noise, Neonlight, Recondite Live, Maceo Plex &[…]

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Andalusian President is pregnant

Susana Díaz, President of Andalusia, has confirmed rumours that she is three months pregnant. The 40 year old is expecting her first child, with her librarian husband José María Moriche. Susana, who has always made a big deal of being an integral part of her large family, added that she expects to take maternity leave as “is normal” but added that this will not “be a problem” and explains that she will take the minimum[…]

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psoe meeting husting psc

Early Andalucian election alarm bells ring

Rumours are spreading that the elections to the Junta de Andalucia may be bought forwards to coincide with the May municipal elections after President Susana Diaz ordered all provincial PSOE heads to a secret lunch next Tuesday. El PSOE piensa en adelantar las elecciones en Andalucía tras los últimos encontronazos con IU y la irrupción de Podemos — Javier Rivero (@JaviRivero) January 18, 2015 If she wants to convoke elections for May, then she must[…]

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Pedro Sanchez, leader of the PSOE party

PSOE leader gets lost in the USA; much mockery follows

Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish equivalent to Ed Miliband (goofy, quite irritating and not quite in control of his party) went to the States last weekend in an effort to build up his statesman image. Sadly, despite a love in with Madeleine Albright (he showed her his proposals for a “Spanish political recuperation and regeneration” – she asked who the hell he was and why he was following her around), a meeting with Christine Lagarde of[…]

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Sexual exploitation and fights of animals to become illegal

Goats across Spain are celebrating after the government decided to make zoophilia (sexual exploitation of animals) and animal fights illegal. The Penal Code will be amended to allow jail sentences of between three months and one year for fiddling with animals, and six months to two years for “cock or dog fights in shows without a license”. Interestingly enough, the zoophilia article is redacted as maltrate injustificadamente cualquier animal que no viva en estado salvaje,[…]

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Appearing on this site is the closest this train will ever get to Almeria...

Pulpí AVE line approved by government

The Council of Ministers have voted to free up 71 million euros to build the 12,2 km stretch of high speed railway between Pulpí and Cuevas del Almanzora. This bit of the AVE was supposed to be paid for last year, but the money comes four months after expected due to “technical problems” with the plans. It’s the extension of the abandoned AVE project that runs past Los Gallardos and Turre that cost upwards of[…]

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snow in the mountains

Yellow snow alert in province

There is a snow alert, yellow level*, for the higher parts of the province tonight. *Sorry, yellow snow alert. Snigger. Snow above 1,000/ 1,500 metres in the south of Spain, starting to fall tonight. Los Velez is the main area affected, as are the mountains of Tabernas. We may get some rain tonight and Monday morning – then again, we may not. Stay up to date here from the official source: The weather. Consult the[…]

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Albox refuses to consign compensation to illegal house owners and appeals

Albox townhall has refused to consign 3.104.185€ to the local courts to cover its “civil responsibility” for permitting the construction and sale of 98 illegal homes to British citizens, and has voted unanimously to appeal the sentence. Read my explanation of the court order over here. Rogelio Mena, the PSOE Mayor, says that neither he nor his team were responsible for allowing the constructions (he blames the previous PP mayor from the other party) and[…]

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Movistar cuts fibre optic rollout after being told to share

I wrote recently about fibre optic internet (offering speeds 33x faster than standard ADSL) being available in this area early next year. Well, a spanner has been thrown into the works after Spanish competition watchdog the CNMC ordered Movistar to share its new fibre optic network with other operators in large cities. In response Movistar says that the fibre optic network will not be profitable in some parts of Spain and has cancelled around 35%[…]

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Home being demolished in Albanchez

Albox townhall has “civil responsibility” in case of 98 Brit owned demolitions

Albox townhall has been told it has civil responsibility in the case of 98 mainly British owned houses that face demolition in the town, and has been ordered to consign 3,1 million euros to the courts to cover any possible compensation costs. Three building companies are also named in the judicial order: ‘Proyecto y Construcciones Almanzora SL’, Procoal Villas SL, & Empire Villas SL. The three companies share civil responsibility with the townhall, but as[…]

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Juan and his keyring collection

Almeria chap collects 24,000 keyrings

We learn today that Juan Bonillo, a retired truck driver living in his native Almería city, has amassed a collected of over 24,000 keyrings over the last 40 years. Juan has turned his hobby into his passion since his retirement, and has completely outfitted his garage where he used to keep his truck into a small museum. He has personally built all of the stands which display his collection, and can proudly show you any[…]

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Appearing on this site is the closest this train will ever get to Almeria...

Still no money for the AVE as government again doesn’t approve it…

The Cuevas-Pulpí bit of the AVE was going to be contracted out in the last quarter of 2014, according to a promise made by the Minister for Development Ana Pastor during her visit to Almería last year. Well, it wasn’t. The final meeting of the Council of Ministers in 2014 came and went, and the 12.5km stretch of high speed railway wasn’t discussed. Excuses vary, but eventually an official Development statement said that the issue[…]

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wind farm electric renewable

Wind farms abandoned as province left out of national energy plan

Plans for windfarms worth an estimated 375 million euros are expected to be abandoned after the new National Energy Plan 2015-2020 confirmed no new national grid infrastructure for Almería province. There had been two major National Grid investments mooted for Almería, a new Vera – Granada high power line and a new substation in Tabernas to connect up renewable energy sources there. Neither project has materialised in the new plan, meaning that any new energy[…]

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portomagno gin owners

New Gin launched from…. Turre!

Turre is the unlikely birthplace of a new brand of gin, the first and only gin made in the province. “Portomagno Gin” has been developed by local couple Isabel Ruiz and Manuel Crespo, who hit on the recipe after sharing an interest in home brew distillery. They experimented with several rums and wines before deciding to make a cereal gin, and so Portomagno Gin was discovered. Isabel Ruiz, a trained laboratory technician, knows her way[…]

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Local foodbank stores ruined by sewage flood

The store-room of the Huercal-Overa Caritas food bank has been flooded by a blocked sewage pipe, and dozens of kilos of foodstuff have had to be binned. Caritas, the charitable organisation of the Catholic Church, said this was not the first time the basement room had flooded due to blocked sewage pipes running from the Costa Fleming urbanisation in which it’s sited, but this is the worst flood so far. Organiser Salvador Cabrera reckons 40[…]

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VPO hipoteca

Andalucia planning to build 285,000 new council houses

Under the Junta de Andalucia’s “let’s build our way out of la crisis” plan (known officially as the Programa de Impulso a la Construcción Sostenible, “the program for the impulse of sustainable construction”) towns across Andalucia have put aside sufficient land to build a whopping 285,000 new VPO’s in the short term, and well over a million long term. VPO’S are the Spanish version of the council home, price regulated homes that are built and[…]

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shop tienda market villaricos

Andalucia to limit sales season and opening hours

Two years ago, a new national law gave stores more powers to decide when to hold sales. Previously, the regional governments would establish sales seasons, and outside of those seasons, sales were illegal. The same law extended opening hours and Sunday openings. But the Director General of Commerce for the Junta de Andalucia, María del Carmen Cantero, has decided to roll back the times and once again establish strict controls over when sales can be[…]

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cartagena vera autopista toll road

Expect the speed limit to drop in the spring!

The final draft of the new traffic regulation was released yesterday by the traffic police (DGT) and is expected to be approved by the council of ministers shortly, with the changes coming into effect by the spring. All secondary and urban roads will see a large drop in the speed limit: roads currently at 100kph will drop to 90kph 90kph roads will drop to 70kph OR 50kph unpaved or single carriage roads will have a[…]

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Concern as Sorbas quarries plan another 30 years

Locals in Sorbas and Bédar are concerned over the future of the Sorbas yeso quarries after it was revealed that the Junta may be preparing a “dirty tricks” plan to renew the concession for a further 30 years, despite them being in a special environmental zone. In short, the three yeso quarries in question ( Majadas Viejas I, II & Hornos Ibéricos (Los Feos)) are all sited within sensitive ecological zones. Karst en Yesos de[…]

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cabalgata rey mago

Nasty accident in Nijar 3 Kings parade

There was a nasty accident during Níjar’s three Kings parade last night, when one of the floats hit a low hanging electric cable, knocking a 20 year old man off the float. He seems to have gotten entangled in his King costume when the top of his throne hit the electric cable and fell headfirst onto the street below. He was rushed to Almería hospital with a severe head injury. The rest of the parade[…]

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118 mining concessions out to tender

The Junta has opened a bidding process for 118 mining concessions across the province of Almería covering a total of 88.175 ha2. Assuming Almería province is 8,774km2, that’s 877,400 ha2 meaning… That’s 10% of the province out to tender? Crikey. Of course, the concessions just let you go out there with a JCB and dig about until you hit whatever you have to the right to look for. Yeso, marble, ornamental rocks (gravel I suppose,[…]

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Appearing on this site is the closest this train will ever get to Almeria...

Almería AVE should have 3 return trips to Madrid daily

Talk about gilding the lilly… The report from the Almería chamber of commerce into the provincial need for a high speed railway train has reported back, and a minimum of 3 return trips a day to Madrid are needed, for all the thousands of eager young businesspeople who need to flock to and fro the national capital for the business deals. (Haven’t these people heard of the internet?) José Cano from Asempel reminds us that[…]

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garrucha townhall

Garrucha Christmas What’s On

DIA 17 DICIEMBRE 21.00 h. Exhibición de las alumnas de la Escuela de Ballet “ La Magia de la Navidad” dirigido por Martina Fernández en el Centro Cultural Municipal. DIA 19 DICIEMBRE A las 20.00h. Actuación de las alumnas de Hip Hop, dirigido por Natalia López en el Centro Cultural Municipal. A las 21.30 h. Exhibición de Baile de Salsa y Merengue a cargo de la Escuela “Levántate y Baila” dirigido por el profesor Víctor[…]

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No more petrol!

Diesel for under €1 a litre!

Diesel dropped to under €1 a litre at over 100 petrol stations across Spain yesterday, and in the province two stations are selling it for €0,99 a litre: one in Vícar and another in El Ejido. Prices have dropped to those of five years ago, as the drop in crude oil finally starts to filter through to the consumer. Most of the cheapest petrol stations are in Catalunya. Check out the cheapest stations near you[…]

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paseo martimo garrucha in august

Garrucha to update its paseo marítimo

Garrucha townhall has announced that it intends to repave and update the paseo marítimo after it presented a budget for 2015. The seafront promenade will have over €200,000 spent on it, mainly tarmac and repainting all the parking bays. The money is coming from the Diputación, county council. Officially known as the Paseo del Malecón, most of the work will be concentrated at the port end where recent works have left the area in a[…]

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  • Original document signing over Kingdom of Granada to the Catholic Kings of Spain (not Almería but the whole Islamic Caliphate)

    Almería surrender documents found and restored by local paper

    The original articles of surrender by the Moorish residents of Almería to the Christian armies in the 15th century have been found (they were lost? Stuck in a box somewhere it seems) by Ideal newspaper and restored by them. They are now on display until after Christmas at the Museo Arqueológico Provincial. The Capitulaciones as they are known, were negotiated between the Islamic ruler of the city of Almería and the Catholic Kings Isabel &[…]

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    english cemetery almeria

    Almería’s English cemetery will reopen

    In 1887, the town of Almería ceded in perpetuity, 888 square metres of land to be used as an “English cemetery” for Anglicans who died in the province. Of course, in the glory days of Queen Vic, this sort of thing was all well and good, but what with civil wars, economic downfalls and the final setting of the sun upon the Empire, the place fell into disuse. The local Brits were usually happy with[…]

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  • Garrucha abandoned warehouse

    The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

    We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

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  • 90583_64478_Pegatina-informativa-de-la-nueva-aplicacion_G

    Mojacar launches smartphone app

    Mojacar townhall has launched a virtual tour office for your smartphone. With it, you can gets historical information, tourist guides and snippets of information as you wander about the place. You can also scan the fancy new QR codes that have been put up on signs at interesting points, and that will instruct your phone to download an audioguide to explain what you’re looking at. Get it from Google play, the Apple market or scan[…]

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    The Ermita Virgen de la Cabeza on top of the Cabezo Maria volcano.

    The Cabezo Maria hermitage in Antas

    It’s the famous hermitage you can see on top of the hill outside Antas from miles around. The hill is actually the remains of the central lava column of an ancient volcano. The rest of the volcano has eroded away, leaving only the central lava spike, on top of which a shrine was erected. The lava flow from this hill can actually be traced all the way down to the sea – it can appears[…]

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  • presidents of spain

    Who was Adolfo Suárez?

    Spain is in mourning for Adolfo Suárez, the first democratic President of Spain, who died on Sunday. But, who was he, and why have most people never heard of him? His tale is a interesting and intriguing one – for most Spaniards associate him with the hope that followed the death of the military dictator Franco, when anything seemed possible, and before they became disillusioned with their politicians.

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  • Strong and powerful, as a King should be

    Things we didn’t know: King of Spain is also King of Jerusalem

    A useful bit of trivia for your next pub quiz: King Juan Carlos also happens to be the King of Jerusalem, although I don’t know if anyone has told the Israelis. His Majesty Juan Carlos the First, By the Grace of God, the King of Spain, King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, of Jerusalem, of Navarre, of Granada, of Seville, of Toledo, of Valencia, of Galicia, of Sardinia, of Córdoba,[…]

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    The abandoned hotel between the AVE and the Rambla in Los Gallardos

    This vast building is just another abandoned relic from Spains past. Another notch on the coffin of its economic dream, another testimony to past folly. I’m told that it was built by a Catalan couple who had inherited the land from ancestors who passed away in Los Gallardos, although nobody seems to know them personally. Possibly he was an architect. Others say he was a builder. What does seem certain is that the promoter of[…]

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  • Desempleados-hacen-cola-a-la-entrada-de-una-oficina-de-empleo-

    Good employment news is just a political smokescreen

    Lies and mirrors is all we are seeing with the “good news” about the unemployment figures in Spain this Christmas. Lets look at the figures: 107.570 people fewer on the SEPE list during December, which means people who are on the dole or whose dole has ended, but are actively inscribed on the government “looking for work list”. But since nobody bothers to register on the SEPE once their dole has ended (you have to[…]

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    Important changes to IVA invoices as from next year – the cash basis IVA scheme

    In September 2013 a new tax law was introduced in Spain which changes the way businesses can claim back IVA (VAT) on invoices issued and pending. The law is known as Ley 14/2013, de 27 de septiembre, de apoyo a los emprendedores y su internacionalización (Law 14/2013 of 27 September, support for entrepreneurs and internationalization), whose importance I believe may be of interest. In short, the new system allows those businesses that have registered under[…]

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