Sorbas fire appears out of control


There’s a large fire spreading over sorbas towards the mountains.
We sat about 600 metres away from nearest fire and watched the line of fire rush up and over mountains. 4 separate fires, some distance apart then joined up. Two helicopters on scene not achieving much. Every now and again a gust of really black smoke went up – could have been building or olive tree. On way home met a very belated convoy of Junta vans with beating brushes. High winds continue.





Spain has 2.7 million children in borderline poverty

“Save the Children” has issued a warning saying that a third of all Spanish children, or about 2.7 million children, are at risk of “social exclusion” by being in borderline or actual poverty conditions.

The charity says the crisis that forced Spain down the lists, and only Romania has a higher level of child poverty in the EU.

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Shoe Box full of Money

I gave Izquierda Unida €70,000 cash in a shoe box

No, not me – Seville businessman José Antonio González, currently turned witness for the prosecution in exchange for leniency in the ERE slush fund case rocking Andalusian politics.

José has submitted evidence to Judge Alaya, in charge of rooting out the truth in this billion euro corruption case, showing that over the years he paid around €700,000 in bribes to politicians of all colours in exchange for lucrative business deals around Seville.

Including €70,000 in cash to a unnamed “but very senior” Izquierda Unida politician who is rumoured to currently hold a high post in the coalition government ruling Andalucia. It’s the first time the Communists have been directly implicated in this corruption scandal.

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camerons on lanzarote

David Cameron spends Easter in Lanzarote

David Cameron and his family will be spending the Easter break in a 18th century rural hotel on the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

His in-laws have a home on the island, so David & Sammie often borrow the keys and jet on out.

The exclusive resort of Casa Tomarén in the village of San Bartolomé has seven self contained cottages in a private complex on the outskirts of the volcanic forest Timanfaya National Park.

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PSOE gives way to IU pressure to save the coalition in Andalucia

The PSOE has collapsed and given in to the demands of their communist IU party, returning the housing rights to the IU minister for Housing and Development, in a humiliating climbdown for the Andaluz president.

President Diaz of Andalucia had revoked those rights yesterday in an unprecedented move, after Minister Elena Cortes started handing out free homes to a bunch of squatters who had been evicted from their squats earlier in the week.

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Mojacar lift opens

Mojacar has finally gotten around to opening it’s new lift.

Late and over budget it seems, but hey, just in time for Easter.

You still have to hoof it part way up the hill from the car parks, and once up the lift you’re stuck in a little back alley that smells of cat wee, but up another slope and you get to the main square.

Not the atrocious new square at the top, you have either stairs or more slope, but hey, it takes two flights of stairs off the hike.

More photos on their facebook page.

whos who in the Junta de andalucia

Andalusian government coalition splits over housing row

The Izquierda Unida party has “suspended” the coalition with the PSOE party until President Diaz retracts the withdrawal of power issued today.

Diaz yesterday withdraw housing rights from the IU Minister for Housing after she handed out free homes to a bunch of squatter evicted from the Corralia Utopía.

The IU had a party meeting today in which they decided to “suspend” the coalition until the rights are returned to the Minister. The minister in question, Elena Cortes, has nipped off on a state visit to Colombia. Continue reading

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