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Spanish Senate rejects homeowners bid to improve the reliability of the Land Registry

Land Registry still not obliged to record existence of planning irregularities or demolition orders Homeowners associations from across Spain failed in their bid to persuade the Spanish Senate to vote in favour of an amendment to the law regulating the Land Registry aimed at protecting buyers who purchase a house with a clean bill of health from a Land Registry Search (Nota Simple) only to find that the property has planning issues or even a[…]

  • coin toss Albanchez Mayor to be decided by coin spin

    2 days ago --

    The small town of Albanchez, in the mountains above Almería, has had a draw declared in its municipal election last Sunday and so the Mayor will be decided by the toss of a coin. The PSOE and the ALpAL parties both got 238 votes. The PP, surprisingly, only got one vote, despite having presented a full list of councillors. It seems the local PP party had an internal split before the last elections and most[…]

  • Almeria airport Four days of air traffic control strikes across Spain next month

    2 days ago --

    Chaos for holidaymakers after four partial strikes were announced today by the Spanish union of air traffic controllers. The strikes will happen on the 8,10,12&14th of June. The strikes have been called as a protest measure after Catalan 61 air traffic controllers were fined earlier this year for taking part in the 2010 wildcat strikes that paralysed Spanish air traffic that December. Update The strikes have been confirmed, but will be limited to two hours[…]

  • Diputacion de Almeria PP look set to keep control of the Diputación

    4 days ago --

    The County Council (Diputación) looks set to be retained by the PP. Although several townhalls could still change hands in the coming weeks as post-electoral pacts are made – the PP have minority control over 12 towns – it looks like they have won the most towns overall. Final results as of midday today: PSOE: 41 towns with absolute majority, 3 with simple. PP: 39 towns with absolute majority, 12 with simple IU: 3 towns[…]

  • vote voting elections New elections for the same old mayors….

    5 days ago --

    So the results are in. Across the province, the PP lost control of the county council (Diputación) to the PSOE: 41 townhalls to 39. In Mojácar, RosMari returned with a landslide, and let’s be honest, even if postal votes are discarded she still won (7 councillors against UM’s 2, PSOE’s 2, Somos Mojacar’s 2). Small towns such as Bédar, Los Gallardos etc returned the same old institutionalised mayors as they always have: they usually belong[…]

  • nomina So what’s a nómina?

    6 days ago --

    Anyone who works in Spain is used to getting a nómina. It’s the sheet of paper that you get at the end of the month specifying your wage, and all deductions – what we call a paysheet. “Just off to get me numana” cry the happy Brits on the 31st of the month, rubbing their hands in anticipation. Or is it? The word is actually far more fascinating than that, and the RAE (Real Academia[…]

  • Diputacion de Almeria County Council presents hundred million euro plan for Almería

    6 days ago --

    The Diputación (County Council) has published its advance draft of the 2016-2020 development plan for Almería, which attempts to unify all local development plans into three master plans. It has also announced that it will ask the EU for 110 million euros of FEDER funds to invest in the province. The Dip. doesn’t actually have any income. Instead, it gets cash from other parts of the government and spends it as it see fit. Frankly,[…]

  • roquetas-del-mar-guardia-civil Two Garrucha Guardia Civil officers jailed for punchup

    6 days ago --

    The Supreme Military Court has confirmed jail sentences of eight and six months for two Guardia Civil officers from the Garrucha post after an altercation descended into fisticuffs. Both men were in full uniform and the fight happened in public around the back of the barracks in 2012. The two men were off different ranks. One has been done for assaulting his superior officer, the other for hitting a subordinate. The offence was of sufficient[…]

  • One of the illegal homes in Albox Bond girl fights for Albox seat in election

    6 days ago --

    A former Bond girl is leading a group of British expatriates who hold the balance of power in a Spanish village before its elections tomorrow. Valerie Leon, 71, who had parts in The Spy Who Loved Me and Never Say Never Again, has lent a dash of Hollywood glamour to an election campaign that could be decided by 600 British residents of Albox in Almeria, southern Spain. The main point of contention is which party[…]

  • arturo grima Arturo Grima caught in alleged postal vote fraud

    1 week ago --

    The Mayor of Turre, Arturo Grima, has been allegedly caught out by the opposition PSOE party in a postal vote scam. According to a complaint filed today with the electoral board and the Guardia Civil by the PSOE, they not only have witnesses who say they were approached by Grima with offers to buy their postal votes, but they also have pictures of Grima posting some 80 votes in the Mojácar post office. The PSOE[…]

  • ALMERIA CITY PP buying votes in Almeria say PSOE in a criminal complaint

    1 week ago --

    The PSOE have filed a criminal complaint today against the PP in Almería for allegedly buying votes ahead of Sunday’s elections. The complaint, filed directly with the Public Prosecutor, says that a number of citizens across Almería have come forwards to say that they have been offered favours or money in exchange for giving their PP rep their blank postal vote. The PSOE in the capital city say that the PP have been telling stall[…]

  • rogelio melia albox mayor Albox mayor asked for expenses despite using his official car

    1 week ago --

    The Mayor of Albox has been denied the travel compensation of €7,000 he asked for, as he had been using his official car. Rogelio Mena (PSOE), who is also a local MP, had put in travel expenses for the last three years. However, an internal investigation by the Junta discovered he always used his official Audi for these trips, instead of a personal vehicle. Rogelio asked for €4.000 for trips between Albox and Almería, and[…]

  • witch magic inquisition Castellon FC boss in hot water after witch makes him a fake love potion

    1 week ago --

    José Laparra was a man in love. He was an important man, the boss of Castellon F.C., businessman and local cacique, but all this was insufficient to attract the amorous attention of a local Lady. And so José decided to go to the Dark Side. He ignored his Catholic upbringing, he rejected his Holy Communion and denied his Baptism into the One True Faith – instead, he found a local witch, and bunged her €165,000[…]

  • consistorio music school of albox Albox music school to be evicted as townhall hasn’t paid rent in 5 years

    2 weeks ago --

    The music school conservatorio in Albox is to be evicted on the 25th on June at 10am if the townhall doesn’t stump up the 5 years back rent it owes the owners of the building. Trouble is, the rent on the building is €7,500 a month, so the townhall owes almost half a million euros . Huercal Overa courts have agreed with the owners of the building that the townhall has never paid a single[…]

  • lorries lorry yeso garrucha Garrucha lorries get stuck

    2 weeks ago --

    There was a massive tailback on the Garrucha bypass yesterday after the yeso lorries tried to use their usual entrance to the port only to find that Vera townhall had cut the road off without bothering to tell anyone. The lorries are currently thundering up a side road bypassing the roadworks on the main tunnel, stopping at a traffic light to cross the Garrucha entrance road, then carrying on to the port down the side[…]

  • fe de la jons FE de la JONS complains about discrimination on InterAlmeria TV

    2 weeks ago --

    FE de la JONS – Franco’s old political party, still popping up in municipal elections to protect the reputation of the generalissimo – has made an official complaint about not being allowed a spot on the municipal TV station InterAlmeria TV. Falange Española de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista is its full imposing name – usually abbreviated to Falange Española de las JONS or just to FE de la JONS – is a far[…]

  • Budget ombudsman begs Government to stop wasting money on more AVE track

    2 weeks ago --

    The tribunal de cuentas, the people in charge of auditing government accounts (strikes me they could do more with a slide rule, but still) have said the AVE investment programme is unsustainable and recommended that all investment in the project be dropped. Spain has over 3.000 km of high speed railway but is insisting upon building more and more. The current track runs at a loss – the operating debt of the state company (ADIF)[…]

  • CaixaBank Overdraft fees can’t be above 2% rules Supreme Court

    2 weeks ago --

    The Supreme Court of Spain today ruled that non mortgage overdraft and non-payment fees from banks can be more than 2% above the base rate. The ruling came after a test case by Santander bank (which it has now lost) and is based on EU rules. The sentence rules that in personal loans, which are not mortgages, taken out by private individuals, defaulting fees that are more than 2% above the base rate are abusive[…]

  • puerto marina apartment hotel complex mojacar Sabadell seizes Gran Vista Marina apartment hotel in Mojácar

    2 weeks ago --

    Sabadell bank has seized the Gran Vista Marina apartment complex in Mojácar. It’s the very last big complex as you head out towards Sopalmo. It was originally built by Miguel Gem & Andrés García Guirao for €2,5 million euros. They later sold it to a company called Nuevo Siglo XXI, which recently went under, and Sabadell mopped up the remains. It was supposed to be an apartment hotel, and has 39 apartments and 137 hotel[…]

  • arturo grima Turre PSOE demand public apology from Mayor Grima after he called them “thieves”

    2 weeks ago --

    So Arturo Grima (PP) and Martin Morales (Somos Turre) went head to head in a debate live on Radio Actualidad last week. During their introductions, Arturo Grima went off on a wild rant about previous administrations and said that the previous PSOE administrators of the town had stolen from the town… a strong word which I use intentionally, and have used in the past. He then went on to say the previous PSOE lot had[…]

  • garrucha townhall No summer fair for Garrucha after Junta gets nasty

    2 weeks ago --

    The Junta has gotten nasty with Garrucha and told them they can’t hold their traditional summer fair in the port. They’ve also slapped a €30,000 fine on the town for holding it in the port last year, a fine the Mayor says he won’t pay and will challenge in the courts. “Where else can we hold the summer fair?” asked as indignant Mayor Juan Fran. “On the edge of the port is the logical place,[…]

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  • nomina

    So what’s a nómina?

    Anyone who works in Spain is used to getting a nómina. It’s the sheet of paper that you get at the end of the month specifying your wage, and all deductions – what we call a paysheet. “Just off to get me numana” cry the happy Brits on the 31st of the month, rubbing their hands in anticipation. Or is it? The word is actually far more fascinating than that, and the RAE (Real Academia[…]

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    Turre – a history has been published

    My latest book on the history of the province: Turre – a history is now available in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon! Or if you want, you can get it from, the Spanish site. Turre – a history recounts the last 500 years of history of the Levante of Almeria through the story of the small town called Turre. Starting with the conquest of the province by the Spanish Catholic Kings from the[…]

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  • Original document signing over Kingdom of Granada to the Catholic Kings of Spain (not Almería but the whole Islamic Caliphate)

    Almería surrender documents found and restored by local paper

    The original articles of surrender by the Moorish residents of Almería to the Christian armies in the 15th century have been found (they were lost? Stuck in a box somewhere it seems) by Ideal newspaper and restored by them. They are now on display until after Christmas at the Museo Arqueológico Provincial. The Capitulaciones as they are known, were negotiated between the Islamic ruler of the city of Almería and the Catholic Kings Isabel &[…]

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    english cemetery almeria

    Almería’s English cemetery will reopen

    In 1887, the town of Almería ceded in perpetuity, 888 square metres of land to be used as an “English cemetery” for Anglicans who died in the province. Of course, in the glory days of Queen Vic, this sort of thing was all well and good, but what with civil wars, economic downfalls and the final setting of the sun upon the Empire, the place fell into disuse. The local Brits were usually happy with[…]

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  • Garrucha abandoned warehouse

    The abandoned warehouse outside Garrucha

    We’ve all seen the old abandoned warehouse, stuck in the middle of a flat field outside Garrucha as we enter from the Los Gallardos road. Many of us will have wondered why? wherefore? and how? as we speed past this old, well built yet abandoned and now falling apart sign to a past dream. This… is the dream that was.

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  • 90583_64478_Pegatina-informativa-de-la-nueva-aplicacion_G

    Mojacar launches smartphone app

    Mojacar townhall has launched a virtual tour office for your smartphone. With it, you can gets historical information, tourist guides and snippets of information as you wander about the place. You can also scan the fancy new QR codes that have been put up on signs at interesting points, and that will instruct your phone to download an audioguide to explain what you’re looking at. Get it from Google play, the Apple market or scan[…]

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    The Ermita Virgen de la Cabeza on top of the Cabezo Maria volcano.

    The Cabezo Maria hermitage in Antas

    It’s the famous hermitage you can see on top of the hill outside Antas from miles around. The hill is actually the remains of the central lava column of an ancient volcano. The rest of the volcano has eroded away, leaving only the central lava spike, on top of which a shrine was erected. The lava flow from this hill can actually be traced all the way down to the sea – it can appears[…]

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  • presidents of spain

    Who was Adolfo Suárez?

    Spain is in mourning for Adolfo Suárez, the first democratic President of Spain, who died on Sunday. But, who was he, and why have most people never heard of him? His tale is a interesting and intriguing one – for most Spaniards associate him with the hope that followed the death of the military dictator Franco, when anything seemed possible, and before they became disillusioned with their politicians.

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  • Strong and powerful, as a King should be

    Things we didn’t know: King of Spain is also King of Jerusalem

    A useful bit of trivia for your next pub quiz: King Juan Carlos also happens to be the King of Jerusalem, although I don’t know if anyone has told the Israelis. His Majesty Juan Carlos the First, By the Grace of God, the King of Spain, King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, of Jerusalem, of Navarre, of Granada, of Seville, of Toledo, of Valencia, of Galicia, of Sardinia, of Córdoba,[…]

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    The abandoned hotel between the AVE and the Rambla in Los Gallardos

    This vast building is just another abandoned relic from Spains past. Another notch on the coffin of its economic dream, another testimony to past folly. I’m told that it was built by a Catalan couple who had inherited the land from ancestors who passed away in Los Gallardos, although nobody seems to know them personally. Possibly he was an architect. Others say he was a builder. What does seem certain is that the promoter of[…]

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