Garrucha port ends free parking

garrucha fishing fleet port

Garrucha port has ended free parking, and you have to pay and display to park there. Failure to do so will result in a stiff fine by a little old man in a fluorescent jacket whose toothless grin masks a grim determination to bring in enough fines to justify his job. Garrucha council assures me that it’s nothing to do with them – the port area is dependent upon the Junta de Andalucia owned company Continue reading

Police release video showing dog throwing itself off balcony

The local police of Polinya have released a video showing a starving and thirsty dog throwing itself off a balcony to escape the hot summer sun. The terrified animal jumped before the fire brigade arrived to rescue it. Luckily it landed on an awning and survived, otherwise it would have died on the pavement below. Police, who are filing animal abuse charges against the owner, remind pet owners to never leave their animals on balcony’s, Continue reading

Spain to put up corporation tax

Spain is hunting around for ways to avoid a whopping EU fine for having broken government financing rules, and hence a change to corporation tax has been announced. But it’s  complicated and somewhat fussy way of doing things, and designed just to bring in more money for 2017. The 2012 change to corporation tax will be modified again. Large companies will be expected to pay a percentage of the tax on expected profits in advance Continue reading

Fires in Mojácar

Three fires happened in Mojácar last weekend. The first fire was declared at midday Friday after residents in La Paratá rang emergency services reporting seeing smoke. Although flames licked against walls of the luxury villas in the area, no property damage was reported. Fire engines were called back on Saturday after a second fire broke out, just 150 metres away from the first one. A third fire was declared on Saturday night, just 200 metres Continue reading

Maura Hillen awarded MBE for services to illegal home owners in Spain

Maura Hillen, president AUAN

From the British Embassy in Spain today comes the following exciting news. Maura Hillen, homeowners’ champion, receives honorary MBE   The leader of an association representing owners of illegal homes in Andalucia has been appointed an honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), for services to the British community in Spain. The award to Mrs Maura Hillen, an Irish national, reflects her work as President and spokesperson of Abusos Urbanisticos Continue reading

Small pony abandoned in Almería city centre

A bizarre situation happened yesterday in Almería city. Local police found a small pony abandoned in the city centre – and had to use a rubbish lorry to take it the pound. Residents of C/ Lopez Vega called the cops early Sunday morning after spotting the scared animal nosing for food. The local police managed to catch the animal, but had no way to take it to the local pound. The city has cancelled its Continue reading

A nasty stick confiscated in Mojacar

A Guardia Civil patrol had a narrow escape after confronting a man with a concealed weapon in Mojacar last week. The patrol stopped a man, understood to be a local gitano known to them, to ask them why he was carrying a long bamboo stick with him which he was being aggressive with. The man became agitated and refused to answer their questions. The officers became suspicious of the stick and tried to examine it. Continue reading

Policia Nacional get a new hymn

new uniform national police

A new spirit lifting hymn has been approved for the nacionales to replace their current 1948 one. Well, not quite .- they’ve got the words, but no music yet. Other way round from the national anthem then. 420 people put forwards suggestions, and “baritone composer” José Manuel Conde won. It’s called tesón de hierro, which roughly translates as “tenacity of iron”. Something nice for them to sing as they march into battle against los indignados. Continue reading

Man faked his own kidnap to avoid a telling off from the wife

nuevo uniformepolicia

The National Police mounted a major search operation last month in El Ejido after the wife of a local businessman received a ransom demand of €50,000 for her husband, only to discover that the message were being sent by the supposed hostage to cover his illicit weekend away from his wife. The woman received the messages from her husband’s phone, demanding immediate payment of the money, and threatening to cut off her husband’s fingers one Continue reading

Galasa approves whopping price rise – some towns will see rates double

Galasa, our bankrupt local water company, has had a whopping 32% rise approved for the Levante, whilst in some towns in the Almanzora the rates will double. It comes after a 16% rise in 2009. But socialist towns (PSOE) have said they are planning to refuse to allow the increase, and say that this must be passed by each local council, something the provincial council disputes. Given that the bills come directly from Galasa HQ Continue reading