Man who attacked wife’s lawyer with chainsaw faces 8 years inside

A 53 year old man is facing 8 years in prison after being charged with trying to kill his ex-wife’s lawyer with a chainsaw. The incident happened in an agricultural warehouse in El Ejido on March 10, 2014. The estranged husband ran into the lawyer during a fruit auction being held there and got into an argument. The discussion ended with the man grabbing a chain-saw, firing it up and threatening to kill the lawyer, Continue reading

Local police rescue three suffering dogs from terraces

Viator copper shows off one of the dogs he saved

Local police in Viator rescued three suffering dogs from the terraces of two different apartments in the town last weekend. One of the dogs, which had no shade, was suffering from heatstroke and required attention from a vet to treat dehydration. It wouldn’t have survived the afternoon with the rescue. The other two were rescued before anything nasty happened to them.   Police were called after neighbours became concerned about the animals. The police were Continue reading

Idiots scare off sea turtle laying eggs in Cuevas

A sea turtle climbed out of the sea in last night on El Calón (Cuevas) beach beach, only to be surrounded by over 100 idiotic youths who started taking flash photos and playing with it. Naturally enough, the turtle took fright and buggered off, eggs unlaid. These sea turtles are a heavily protected species under EU law, and the Guardia Civil’s environmental wing told local media that they are collecting online photos such as the Continue reading

Mojácar starts fining the “indecorous” youth of summer

Mojácar council has so far issued 10 fines of up to €300 each to youths who are being “indecorous”. The youths were breaking the infamous civic behaviour bylaw which I talk about here, which came into effect on May 26. The council told Ideal newspaper that “stag and hen parties continue in Mojácar, although we note that these groups are better behaved than they were last year. They don’t annoy families and older tourists or Continue reading

Fury over restoration vandalism at Almería’s historic train station

The old RENFE station in Almería city

A planned restoration of Almería’s train station has caused outrage after it was noticed that historic elements have been cemented over A long awaited restoration of Almería’s historic train station has caused much controversy after it was noticed that elements of the façade have been crudely cemented over. The historic building saw scaffolding go up this week as the first phase of a much needed restoration project started. Works carried out by building company Jarquil Continue reading

European integration is dead – until a new model can be found

EU President (and mine! Geddit? Bad Joke ) Juncker

The relentless pursuit of ever closer union has led to a wholesale destruction in the social cohesion of Mediterranean countries, and a lost generation that will take decades to be recovered Europe as a political union is an experiment that has been tried time and again throughout history. Only three modern political states have managed to fuse together such a disparity of different cultures into a functional country – the USA, the USSR and China. Continue reading

Bomb alert closes commercial centers

A fake bomb alert has closed commercial centers in Almeria and Granada. Emergency Services received a phone call this morning saying that’s a green Volvo car loaded with explosives and weapons was heading towards the Decathlon store in Vicar. A large police presence was noted on the commercial center was closed for several hours. A similar alert was given for another store in Granada. Police searched the area but decided that it was a false Continue reading

Garrucha port ends free parking

garrucha fishing fleet port

Garrucha port has ended free parking, and you have to pay and display to park there. Failure to do so will result in a stiff fine by a little old man in a fluorescent jacket whose toothless grin masks a grim determination to bring in enough fines to justify his job. Garrucha council assures me that it’s nothing to do with them – the port area is dependent upon the Junta de Andalucia owned company Continue reading

Police release video showing dog throwing itself off balcony

The local police of Polinya have released a video showing a starving and thirsty dog throwing itself off a balcony to escape the hot summer sun. The terrified animal jumped before the fire brigade arrived to rescue it. Luckily it landed on an awning and survived, otherwise it would have died on the pavement below. Police, who are filing animal abuse charges against the owner, remind pet owners to never leave their animals on balcony’s, Continue reading