Parliamentary Bill to change the LOUA – so far so good

Yesterday, 7th of October, the first reading of the Parliamentary Bill, to deal with illegal land divisions (parcelaciones urbanísticas) containing irregular houses, took place in the Parliament of Andalucia.   As Gerardo Vazquez, spokesperson for AUAN, and other associations, and who was present during the parliamentary session explained ‘Those affected support this change and in general are pleased with it. Obviously, it does not cure everything and we must continue to work. Whilst it is Continue reading

AUAN: Prosecution withdraws demand to demolish five British houses in Oria because of new Criminal Code

AUAN press release: We are please to report that the recent change to the Criminal Code has resulted in good news for five British owned homes in the Rambla de Oria area in Almeria. (see article Europapress). We feel that the change to the Criminal Code, as a result of a campaign by AUAN and SOHA,  to require prior compensation for purchasers in good faith has given the courts the tools to deal fairly with Continue reading

Whopping great big military ops going on later this month here

NATO will be flexing its muscles with its largest war game for the last decade, part of which will happen in Almeria. Trident Junction 2015 will see 30.000 troops mobilised in war games across the EU, with several important operations taking place here in October. The province will see troops stationed at the military base in Viator and also see war ships in the Alboran sea. Last years operation “Noble Mariner 14” staged an “invasion” Continue reading

Turre’s famous bridge at risk of collapse


The puente Vaquero, the stunning arched bridge over the river, is at risk of collapse because its soft sandstone bases are being undermined, according to an engineer at the road department. Turre council have been warned that whilst an informal report has been submitted to the county council, who own and are in charge of the bridge, not much is being planned at the moment. It should be fine unless we get another big flood, Continue reading

Mojacar illegal payments case dropped by Judge

mojacar-la-vieja llano central potala

The Judge investigating complaints of abuse of power in Mojacar council regarding the attempt to pay an irregular Christmas bonus to town workers in 2014 has decided to drop the case. The case was launched by opposition councillors, especially Jessica Simpson from Somos Mojacar, after Mayor Rosa Maria decided to pay all town workers a Christmas bonus averaging one months wages, despite having received a report from her legal advisers warning such a payment was Continue reading

Get ready to party or book a hotel out of town, the Turre fiesta is here


And this year it’s going on until 6,30 am! All restrictions on music from businesses have been lifted over the weekend, meaning the music will be rocking all weekend as the plug doesn’t have to be pulled until 6.30 am. Carry on drinking for another 30 minutes and the bars will be opening again for breakfast… The PSOE side of the coalition have organised a whopping fiesta (with an associated cost, but hey, it’s fiesta Continue reading

Tiger mosquito reaches Almeria

The dreaded tiger mosquito is alive and appears to be breeding in Almeria province. This south-east Asian mosquito has a characteristic white stripe along its head and thorax. It’s extremely nasty and attacks during the day, unlike the native types. I wrote an interesting article for the Costa Almeria News this week looking into the problem and asking some of the local councils what they’re planning to do, so pick up a copy for more Continue reading

USA ready to take radioactive Palomares topsoil

The USA has agreed to take radioactive Palomares topsoil out of the province and transport it back to Nevada, to a storage facility just outside of Las Vegas. The US Energy Dept sent the Spanish Nuclear Commission a cleanup plan back in July which the Spanish are prepared to accept to finally put an end to the problem, according to a leaked report. The radioactive material comes from an incident 50 years ago next January Continue reading

European Commissions issues a “fake declaration” over Catalan independence

EU President (and mine! Geddit? Bad Joke ) Juncker

EU President Juncker issued a strongly worded response to a question tabled by a PP MEP on whether Catalonia could become independent country recognised by the EU. The Spanish version of Juncker’s response left no room for doubt – Catalonia could not become independent in the eyes of the EU unless the Spanish parliament permitted it. This was quite a scoop, because the EU has been faffing about refusing to be clear about the matter Continue reading